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What You Need To Know About Your Water Pressure Regulator

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For the majority of households, increased water pressure sounds like a positive thing. While high water can make your morning shower a pleasant experience, don’t be fooled. High pressure can seriously harm your plumbing system and appliances. As a result, many professionals advise that the water pressure in your residence never rises over 80 pounds per inch (PSI). Most experts will tell you between 40-60 psi is best. 

Many plumbing systems feature a part known as a pressure regulator or the pressure lowering valve to ensure the pressure stays below the required level. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t recognize the crucial function that this valve serves. In this essay, we’ll look more closely at four essential things to understand about the pressure regulator in your home.

Your pressure Regulator Is Attached To Your Main InComing Water Line

Your home’s pressure regulator must be positioned on your incoming main water supply to deliver secure pressure throughout your residence. So first, locate your pressure regulator. It should get located on your incoming supply line right in front of the shutoff valve. The primary shutoff valve should be the initial attachment, followed by the regulator.

The shutoff valve and regulator are typically always installed initially by plumbers. In the event that your regulator requires maintenance, your plumber will be able to turn off the water supply and conduct the required repairs. The main water line is where the regulator attaches directly. The regulator may also be recognized by its conical form and the screw on its top. 

You Can Modify Your Regulator To Allow For More Or Less Pressure

A pressure regulator has more than one adjustable setting. Instead, you may manually change your water pressure setting by adjusting on top of the valve. Most pressure regulators start with a setting of 50 psi. You can modify the regulator to enable more pressure to meet your family’s demands for water pressure.

Naturally, you don’t want to begin haphazardly altering the pressure regulator. But unfortunately, numerous regulators fail to specify the pressure setting. Instead, one of your water supply pipes has to have a pressure gauge attached to it. This gauge gives precise information on the pressure setting, preventing you from exceeding it and harming your plumbing system.

Every Home Would Benefit From A Pressure Regulator

You should seriously consider having a pressure regulator installed if one doesn’t already exist on your property. Even though a pressure monitor indicates that your water pressure is now within a safe range, conditions might change over time. Home water pressure is affected by an unexpectedly wide range of variables.

Many of these variables are unrelated to how much water you use at home. Instead, adjustments to your municipal system might cause changes in water pressure. For example, the pressure might increase to unsafe levels as a result of factors like general community water consumption and municipal system maintenance, even though you might not be aware of it. With the variations in your local water system, a water pressure regulator ensures that your property is protected against too much pressure.

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Pressure Regulators Will Wear Out their Life Expectancy Is 10-15 years

With very few working parts, pressure regulators tend to have long lifespans. However, your regulator will become worn out on the inside and start to malfunction. Your entire home’s water system will abruptly alter if your pressure regulator fails. You could feel a rapid change in your pressure, such as a sharp decrease or increase.

You must have a professional examine your pressure regulator immediately if you believe it has reached the end of its useful life. Your system might have major issues if you don’t. Avoid the urge to replace the regulator yourself. Only a specialist can guarantee that the new part meets the original’s specifications.

Water Pressure Is Part Of California’s Plumbing Code

According to California Plumbing Code, Water pressure should not be less than 15 psi and not exceeding 80 psi. If somehow the pressure exceeds that number, a regulator shall be required. The typical indoor water pressure is between 45 and 65 psi.

What Will Affect Your Water Pressure?

  • The height and placement of your house in relation to the water reservoir tank
  • Time of day
  • Concurrent usage of water in your house and yard
  • Mineral buildup in pipes restricting water flow
  • Leaving your water shutoff valve slightly closed
  • The functionality of the water pressure regulator, should you replace it
  • An unseen water leak, such as a slab leak
  • Nearby construction projects, power outages, or firefighting

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