Clogging Toilet

Why Is My Toilet Always Clogging?

Why is it that my toilet is always clogging? Toilets can clog for an endless number of reasons. But why do some toilets in the same house clog more than others? I think the first thing to consider is who is using the bathroom and is it shared by multiple young children or teens. As simple as this may sound, the problem may be that one or more of them are using too much toilet paper.

Multiple-ply Toilet Paper Doesn’t Break Down as Well

Another possible culprit is the toilet paper. One company advertises its toilet paper as “strong enough to hold a cup of water.”  This may not necessarily be good for our drains. Multiple-ply toilet paper doesn’t break down as well as one-ply toilet paper. The real question is, would someone use less toilet paper if it were multiple-ply versus one-ply? Others say that it’s not the ply of the toilet paper, it’s the person dispensing it. Whatever the case, a toilet that’s always clogging could be a little of both, thick toilet paper and overuse.


Something Could Be Restricting Your Drain Pipe

There are other reasons that your toilet will frequently clog. There could be something restricting the waste from going down the drain, for instance, a small toy. The toy or object could break the flow of waste and water, causing the toilet to always back up. For the do-it-yourselfer (DIY), you may want to invest in a small eight to ten-foot snake and run it through your drain to clear any obstruction. Another obstruction is mineral deposits that build up over years of use. The deposits shown below are from a home that’s 24 years old, the deposits built-up on the pipe just below the toilet. The homeowners could hear water running at night, and instead of fixing the old toilet, they felt it was time to upgrade to a new one. When removing the old toilet to replace it, the mineral deposits were exposed.

If You Exhausted All Your Efforts, Then Call Your Plumbing Expert

There is still another reason for toilets that are always clogging.  If your sewer main is obstructed, all the drains in your home will drain slowly, and toilets will become easily clogged. If you’ve exhausted all your efforts and you still have a toilet that continues to back up, call Big B’s Plumbing. We have the plumbing experts with the latest equipment that can quickly diagnose the problem. We’re an accredited company with Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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