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Is Your Plumber Part Of Your Home Team Of Contractors?

Every home should have a “home team” of contractors that they can rely on with short notice. Homeowners should not be left scrambling should something break down at home. For example, every family should have their names and phone numbers on full display for easy access should there be a home emergency. 

Your Plumber is part of your Home Team Of Contractors

  1. Your plumber must have 24/7 emergency services should there be a major plumbing breakdown—Big B’s Plumbing 951-397-3060.
  2. Electrical contractor for electrical issues–––name and phone number.
  3. Gas line repairs for a broken or leaking gas line – dial 911 or your local gas company’s emergency line. Once a diagnosis is made, your local plumbing contractor will make the repairs–––Big B’s Plumbing.
  4. Water Company should something go wrong with your incoming water supply.
  5. Your energy company encourages everyone to call 811 before you dig.
Contractors, Your Plumber

The word team is used loosely in our day and age. It’s usually referred to as a sports team. In the mid-’80s, we started applying it to other areas of life, such as a business team. We use the word team in many forms. For example, we have an academic team at school, churches have a leadership team, and you may be part of a team with your job. Working together as a team has proven to save time and energy when everyone is working together. It’s only appropriate that we have a “home team.”

If you’re like most families, you start to scramble when a plumbing issue raises its ugly head. Some of us scrounge through old receipts to find the old plumbing company’s invoice because they gave us good service. while others immediately grab their phone or laptop and jump online to find the right local plumber. In the end, nothing beats the experience of a company that’s completed your work previously. 

Home Team Checklist

  • Hire a licensed electrical or plumbing contractor, especially if your job exceeds $500. Ask for their license number.
  • Always get references from friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Do your research by checking reviews on Google My Business, Yelp!, and Facebook.
  • Check your contractor’s license number here.
  • Ask your plumber and other contractors if they are bonded and insured.
Home Checklist, Your Plumber

Define your own home Team For Yourself

The business definition of a team is, “A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.” Most of us are responders; for instance, we wait until something breaks before replacing it. Then there are those few that would instead replace an old water heater or garbage disposal before it breaks down. Having a home team of tradesmen or women in place would fit both groups.

Preparation Is Vital

Your home teams are comprised of plumbers, electricians, handyperson, and possibly landscapers. Do your homework ahead of time on each company and make sure you have more than one contractor to fall back on for each trade. Have all their contact information ready and in a place where everyone has access. Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Unfortunately, most of us believe Murphy was a pessimist. 

However, he had the right attitude and chose to take precautions whether most felt they were needed or not. The fact is, Murphy was a realist. He believed things eventually would wear out, including pipes, water heaters, garbage disposals, etc. Preparation is vital for any household. Have your home team ready for any problem that may arise. We don’t want to be left scrambling to find the right contractor should something go wrong.

Your Home Team should start with Your Plumber

We’re all part of a family, and that includes our friends. The best way to build your referral list is to listen. We all have experiences with tradesmen and women, and news travels fast, whether good or bad. Be prepared to get the contact information when someone speaks well about a contractor. Make sure to do your research and check reviews. You can also be proactive and randomly start your list. Start by checking online. Try and support your local trade people in your area. Remember your plumber is part of your home team.

Big B’s Plumbing would be honored to be part of your home team. There is no job we cannot tackle. We use the finest plumbing equipment and technologies using the finest.

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