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Your Toilet Plunger Is Still A Mystery

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Every household owns a plunger, and for most, they own more than one. Usually, we hide plungers under a sink. For others, they sit right next to the toilet. I remember my dad would cut the side of a plastic bottle out, and the plunger would sit in it next to the toilet, in that plastic bottle–––so much for having a nice looking bathroom. You can spend up to $40 dollars on a designer toilet plunger and holder, though they start at around $5 at your local home center. They even come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. What we don’t know is who invented the plunger. The invention never had a patent taken out, so we don’t truly know who the inventor was. 

There’s been speculation that the invention took form between 1850 and 1900 when synthetic rubber and wood were becoming a typical use. The design of the suction cup took place in the 1850s. Nevertheless, we are certainly thankful for the invention. It’s probably the most underrated tool in our home. 

Heavy Duty Toilet Plungers Have A Flange At The End

There are two basic types of plungers: one for toilets and one for sinks and bathtubs. Most households just use one for both. If you want to get the most out of your plunger, it’s good to have one of each. The toilet plunger has a flange that creates a strong seal. It comes in black non-marking extra strength rubber, and its unique design is excellent for clearing tough clogs. It also has an 18-inch white heavy-duty handle that can withstand pressure. While you can use it on sinks, showers, and bathtubs, designers created this novel design for the toilet. They do come in different shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturers, but the science behind them is basically the same. You can pick one up at your local home center for 5-10 dollars.

Toilet Plunger

Also Known As Force Cup Sinks And Drain Plunger

The second type of plunger has been around for the last hundred years. This is your basic suction cup plunger. Some people call it a valve plunger. They are also known as force cup sinks and drain plumber. Many years ago, they had that reddish-brown color to them, but today most are manufactured in black. The flexible rubber material makes for a good seal around any sink or drain. Trapped objects get quickly removed from the pipes as soon as pressure is applied. The round handle allows for a secure grip with enhanced efficiency. 

Toilet Plunger

Douse Your Toilet Plunger With Bleach

The rubber suction cup creates a seal in the bottom of your toilet bowl where the clog exists. When you press against the handle, it forces the water to push the blockage through to your sewer line. Now, if we’re all honest with ourselves, our plungers have pulled us out of some pretty embarrassing situations, and you can’t say that about many tools. I can still hear my mom’s voice today, “Don’t use so much toilet paper.” Additionally, we’re also known to use the toilet plunger on our bathtubs and sinks. For obvious reasons, they’re not very hygienic. It’s best to douse them with a little bleach after each use. It’s also advisable to keep them slightly lifted from the ground so they can dry before the rubber suction creates a seal. 

Know When To Call Your Plumbing Professional

Our toilets usually clog because someone used too much toilet paper. But there are those times when things get flushed down the toilet that should not, such as tampons or feminine hygiene products, paper towels, condoms, band-aids, and baby wipes. Nothing should go down your toilet except solid and liquid waste and toilet paper, not even wipes labeled flushable. In some cases, a toilet plunger may not do the trick on tough clogs. An auger, commonly known as a plumber’s snake, is what’s needed to tackle clogs that you can’t remove by using a toilet plunger. When a drain gets clogged, do your best to clear it with your toilet plunger but know when to call for a plumbing professional. 

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