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Low Water Pressure Repairs / Common Plumbing Issues

Low Water Pressure Repair Services, Rancho Santa Fe, CA | BIG B's

Don't let lack of water pressure disrupt your daily routine any longer – contact BIG B's for a low water pressure repair solution you can trust. Are you tired of feeling like you're taking a shower under a tiny trickle of water? Low water pressure within a household can be a major inconvenience for those trying to maintain a comfortable and efficient living space. The struggle to get adequate water flow through showerheads and faucets can make daily tasks more time-consuming and frustrating. This low pressure can even affect appliances, causing them to function less efficiently, leading to wastage of water and added expenses. To avoid such situations, assessing the cause of low water pressure and taking the necessary measures to improve it for a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle is essential. In this matter, BIG B's can help repair low water pressure at home or in commercial buildings.

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High Water Pressure Versus Low Water Pressure 

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of high and low water pressure can help with decisions for your plumbing system. Moreover, knowing the advantages and disadvantages can allow homeowners to adjust their usage and make necessary changes to their system.  

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be beneficial for savings on water bills. Why? The less water you consume, the lower your water bills will be. In addition, low water pressure minimizes the potential for harm to pipes and fittings by exerting less pressure on them. However, there are also disadvantages to low water pressure. For instance, low pressure can lead to longer shower times, which is inconvenient and wastes time. Moreover, low water pressure can also affect water-based appliances such as washing machines, making them less efficient.  

High Water Pressure

Water pressure issues are often associated with lower water pressure. However, high water pressure can be just as problematic as low. If left unattended, excessive water pressure can cause severe damage to your home. High pressure can cause piping, fittings, valves, fixtures, appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, and toilets to expand and contract. In the worst-case scenario, a pipe could break or explode, resulting in severe damage and potential flooding. In addition, higher water pressure equals higher monthly water bills. 

The Only Pressure in Your Life That Matters

Maintaining a water pressure level of 60 PSI (pounds per square inch) can help for optimal performance of fixtures in most residential homes. Water pressure must not exceed 80 PSI to ensure the safety and functionality of your water system. Don't worry. BIG B's trained professionals guide you every step of the way. 

To determine the water pressure in your home, you can utilize a water pressure gauge, either by yourself or with the assistance of a plumber. The gauge is attached to a fixture within your residence to obtain an accurate reading. If your water pressure exceeds 80 psi, consider installing a regulator for potential benefits. A regulator controls the water flow from the municipal water supply into your home. Numerous regulator devices offer manual and automatic adjustment options to ensure your residence receives the required water pressure.

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Solving the Mystery of Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure can significantly impact the functionality of your plumbing system, and understanding its underlying causes can lead to effective troubleshooting and resolution.


The presence of debris in the water can cause blockage in aerators, valves, and pipes due to the accumulation of rust and sediment. Additionally, when the department conducts maintenance activities on the water pipes, rust or gravel can enter the lines and obstruct fixtures.

The Pressure Regulator Stops Working

A pressure regulator maintains a consistent pressure level in any hydraulic or pneumatic system, ensuring smooth operation and preventing potential damage. However, when a pressure regulator fails, it can lead to many problems, ranging from fluid leaks to uneven operating speeds. 

The Water Meter Valve is Not Fully Open

It is not uncommon for homeowners to unintentionally move valves without being aware. Homeowners must ensure that the water meter valve is open. On the other hand, water companies have full access to the water meter valves. As a result, most residents rarely encounter this valve directly. Some valves may be challenging to access, particularly those situated underground. If you have recently had maintenance or renovation work done on your house, the valve may have only been partially opened following the completion of the work, requiring someone to come and open it fully.

Corroded Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes, including other types, have a limited lifespan. Surprisingly, galvanized steel pipes can start to erode within 20 years. However, copper pipes are known for lasting 50 years or more, while brass pipes can remain functional for 40 to 70 years. The older the house, the higher the likelihood of corrosion.

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More Causes of Low Water Pressure:

Water Leaks

Leaks can start as small drips or slow seepages but often grow larger as the pressure inside your pipes decreases. Water leaks may lead to low water pressure as only some water reaches your faucet.

Mineral Buildups

The gradual sediment buildup is the root cause of low water pressure in numerous households. Water inevitably contains minerals, and in the case of hard water, minerals like calcium and calcium salts deposit a residue within plumbing systems. As time passes, this residue accumulates, leading to pipe obstructions and subsequent clogs.

Know the Quick Fix 

Low water pressure can be a frustrating problem to encounter in any home or building. Fortunately, homeowners have various options available to address this issue. Securing the fittings, applying the plumber's tape, and substituting the rubber washers can solve minor leaks. On the other hand, consider installing a water pressure booster for malfunctioning pressure regulators. Make the habit of regularly cleaning your faucet aerators so that they can prevent clogs. Scrub the faucet or showerhead with a scrub brush to eliminate dirt, limescale, and accumulated substances.

Is Your Neighbor's Water Pressure OK?

First, ask your neighbor if they have low water pressure. If they're facing similar issues, then it's likely that the problem is coming from something other than your plumbing system. Low water pressure in a neighborhood can often result from new construction or fire hydrant accidents. Usually, it would help if you waited until your water pressure returned.


Don't Be Pressured! BIG B's is here!

BIG B's experts will inspect your plumbing system to identify the source of the low water pressure. They will then explain their findings and recommend the necessary repairs to restore water pressure. With their exceptional tools and extensive expertise, BIG B's team guarantees prompt water pressure restoration, ensuring a comfortable and fully functional household. When you choose BIG B's experts to fix your low water pressure issues, you can rest assured that your showering, cleaning, and dishwashing experience will be nothing short of satisfying. Contact BIG B's now for dependable repair services.

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BIG B's takes the safety and well-being of its customers seriously. BIG B's conducts thorough background checks on every employee before hiring to ensure all employees are qualified and trustworthy. These checks include criminal history, education verification, and employment history. These checks ensure that BIG B's employees qualify to perform their duties, giving customers peace of mind and the assurance that they are in good hands. By taking this proactive approach, BIG B's maintains high professionalism and ensures its customers have the best possible service.

When an Emergency Pops Up, We'll Be There!

When choosing a reliable and efficient service provider, availability is one of the top factors. This is where BIG B's shines. With a team of experts always on standby for calls any time of the day, clients can feel confident that we will promptly address their needs. Whether it's an emergency requiring immediate attention or a routine maintenance task, BIG B's always makes themselves available to their clients. This level of commitment to customer service is a testament to their professionalism and dedication to delivering nothing but the best for their clients. So, if you're looking for a service provider always ready to help, choose BIG B's.


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