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New Toilet Installation Or Repair

Toilet Installation Services in Rancho Santa Fe, CA | BIG B's

Are you dealing with a toilet that's beyond repair, or are you in the process of renovating and have decided to install a new one? Whether it's a residential property or business, we know how important it is to find reliable plumbers for your plumbing and installation needs. With years of experience in plumbing repairs and installations, our staff is highly qualified and knowledgeable to provide professional quality work whenever you need it - no matter how big or small the job may be! That's why BIG B's offers comprehensive toilet installation and repair services that meet all safety regulations while getting the job done right. Our commitment to a high standard of excellence ensures that all projects we undertake meet customer satisfaction every step of the way.

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Who Knew? Toilets Can Break Down Too! 

Recognizing the significance of repairing and installing new toilets ensures maintaining high-quality sanitation and hygiene standards. The reasons for maintenance vary widely and can be numerous; some toilets may have exceeded their usable lifespan and require replacement, while others may have sustained damage due to misuse or neglect. Proper maintenance ensures a safe and sanitary environment, preventing future plumbing issues. Furthermore, clogs, leaks, or other issues that can cause unpleasant odors or potential health hazards may require repairs. Regular maintenance and upgrading to advanced toilet technologies yields cost savings, enhanced comfort and convenience, and improved health and safety for all users. 

Is It Time to Flush the Old and Get the New?

Cracks in the tank or bowl indicate the need for immediate toilet replacement. Other signs that homeowners should watch out for upgrading their toilets include water leaking from the base of the toilet, clogged toilet bowls, unstable toilets, poor flushing performance, discolored water when flushing, higher water bills, and simply having an old or outdated model installed in your home. Homeowners should contact professional plumbers at BIG B's for toilet installations and repairs. 

Many Toilet Options

Big B's offers many toilet replacement options to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a low-flow toilet, a high-efficiency model, or a luxury bidet toilet, we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you toward the right choice. 

Low-flow Toilets

In recent years, low-flow toilets have emerged as an eco-friendly solution to water conservation, reducing the water used in households and commercial buildings. These innovative toilets use much less water than their traditional counterparts, saving thousands of gallons annually. Moreover, the latest models have been designed with advanced flushing systems and improved bowl shapes to boost efficiency.

Floor-Mounted Toilets

Common in residential bathrooms, floor-mounted toilets get directly installed onto the floor using porcelain or ceramic. They are available in single-piece or two-piece options, with the latter being more accessible to their tall and maintain.

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More Toilet Options

Wall-Hung Toilets

These toilets are gaining popularity for their sleek and modern design. As the name implies, wall-hung toilets are mounted on the wall instead of the, making them space-saving options for smaller bathrooms. While they also have single and two-piece variations, wall-hung toilets require more installation than floor-mounted models.

Corner Toilets

Corner toilets fit snugly into bathroom corners without occupying excessive space. Furthermore, these models feature a 90-degree angled bowl and are available in one- and two-piece varieties. Installation may be more challenging compared to other toilet types.

High-Efficiency Toilets

HETs are eco-friendly and use less water per flush than traditional models. HETs conserve water and reduce utility bills as per flush; it has a rate of 1.28 gallons. They are available in one- and two-piece designs and wall-hung units.

Bidet Toilet Seats

These toilet seats attach to standard toilet bowls, offering additional personal hygiene features like warm water sprays, heated air dryers, adjustable spray pressure settings, and built-in deodorizers. In addition, they can be battery-operated or hardwired, based on your preferences.

Urinal Installations

Urinals, commonly found in public restrooms, can be installed in residential homes. They consume less water per flush (around 0.5 gallons) compared to standard toilets, conserving water while maintaining sanitation needs.

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The Truth About Traditional Toilet Longevity and New Models of Toilets

The lifespan of a traditional toilet may differ based on variables such as utilization, caliber, and upkeep; typically, it spans from 10 to 15 years. However, a toilet can last longer than expected with proper installation, regular maintenance, and efficient cleaning. Professionals in the plumbing industry ensure that toilets function optimally and prevent any issues arising from an aging toilet.

Undoubtedly, opting for high-tech or new models of toilets is undeniably the best decision one can make. These innovative restroom solutions offer more than just a cleansing experience; they enhance our hygiene, reduce our environmental footprint, and improve our overall well-being. The latest toilet models use advanced features such as self-cleaning mechanisms, touch-free flushing systems, and water-conservation options that help save substantial amounts of water.

Pick the Right Toilet with BIG B's

When selecting suitable toilets for your home or business, seek the guidance of experts in the industry. BIG B's is a company that specializes in providing top-quality plumbing services, and they have the experience and knowledge needed to help you make the right decision. With their assistance, you can find the perfect toilets to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and functional solution for your space. Unquestionably, BIG B's possess extensive knowledge of various models, brands, and features of toilets, making them an invaluable source of information. Whether searching for high-quality, sustainable, or cost-effective options, BIG B's will help you identify the best fit and make an informed decision. Invest in the quality and comfort of your toilets with BIG B's guidance and expertise.

Ready, Set, Flush - Let Big B's Show You the Way

Plumbers must prepare the installation area before installing a toilet. The next step involves installing a toilet flange, a circular piece connecting the toilet bowl to the drain pipe. Place the flange on a wax ring to create an airtight seal. After installing the flange, plumbers must connect a water supply line using flexible copper piping or braided steel hoses, securely tightening it with an adjustable wrench. The next step is to attach the toilet tank to the base using bolts, nuts, and washers. Plumbers may need to use additional washers or gaskets for a tight seal. Attach the seat to the hinges, then secure it to the brackets with screws and washers provided by manufacturers.

Furthermore, after attaching all other components, plumbers can connect the toilet bowl to its base using bolts, washers, and nuts for added security against movement or leakage. Next, plumbers should test the flush mechanisms by running water into both bowls and inspect all joints for any signs of leaking. If any leaks are detected, immediate fixes are necessary before proceeding.

We Do Toilet Repairs Too!

At BIG B's, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions for all your plumbing needs. While many may think of us solely as a provider of top-quality installations, we also specialize in repairs and maintenance of toilets. We have highly skilled technicians who have the latest tools and equipment. Whether you need a simple repair or a full replacement, BIG B's can handle your situation.

Flush Your Worries Away with BIG B's

It's no wonder Big B's is one of the best plumbing providers in town! With a great team of courteous professionals, competitive prices, and reliable service hours, you have nothing to lose. So thank yourself later and book your appointment with BIG B's today. Unquestionably, with decades of experience and support staff available around the clock, we guarantee that this decision will be an exceptional choice for comfortable living. Remember to call and make that appointment immediately so you will get all the goodness you can get when you choose BIG B's!

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