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Waterless Urinal

Waterless Urinal by Kohler

This may sound crazy, but have you ever noticed commercial urinals lately? For those of us that are a little older, we’ve seen significant changes. Some have taken a streamlined design with beveled lids. We even have urinals that have a small bug embedded in the porcelain; I guess that’s to aim. They are now ergonomically designed to save water and to meet the needs of our handicap community. In most cases, we don’t have to flush any longer, because they now have the touchless technology. The water is released when you walk away. Its technology offers better hygiene along with better water-saving performance.

Commercial urinals come in every shape and size from floor mount to wall mount. Most urinals use .05 to 1 gallon per flush (GPF), not to mention waterless that require no water. Suppliers like Kohler and American Standard offers them in four different colors.

Urinals Are At The Forefront Of Water Conservation

Stylish New Urinals

Water conservation has become one of the leading issues that California’s faced with. Commercial waterless urinals can provide significant value by saving as much as 40,000 gallons of water per year, per fixture. Additionally, this product offers a paradigm for urinal design and function. Waterless have the same basic science as standard urinals. The difference being, urine passes through a specially designed sealing liquid. The liquid is oil based, and the urine sinks through the liquid sealing off any smell. The liquid is made up of oil, ammonia, and water. Once the urine hits the waste pipe, it moves through the sewer system as usual.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Using a highly trained commercial plumbing contractor, the best recommendation for proper installation.  Proper mounting, pipe fitting, and p-trap set up are critical to a successful installation. Big B’s Plumbing is at the forefront of commercial plumbing services. Experienced plumbers trained explicitly to meet the demands of business, schools, restaurant, and government buildings. And while most of our urinals get installed in a commercial building, they’ve become popular in homes as well.

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