4 Signs That Say You May Have a Pipe Leak

A leaking pipe can cost you money by running up your water bill, but the real problem is water damage. If a pipe is leaking somewhere in your home, unseen damage can cause rotting, impair your home’s structural integrity, and foster the perfect environment for toxic mold to grow.

Obviously you want to be on guard for leaking pipes, so that you can detect and repair any problems before they get worse. Watch for the following indicators of a leaking pipe, and call an experienced plumber immediately if any of these signs appear.

Your water bill has increased. Your water bill will usually run about the same amount each month, unless you’ve just filled a swimming pool or had out of town guests stay for an extended period. In other words, if you know you’re using about the same amount of water as usual, then a bill increase should trigger suspicion of a leaking pipe.

You smell something “funny”. A musty or mildewy smell is a strong indicator of a leaking pipe. This could also indicate the presence of dangerous mold, so get it checked out immediately.

You see signs of a leak. You might actually see clear evidence of a leaking pipe, such as stained or saggy walls or ceilings. You might also find mold or mildew growing inside your home. And of course, there is always the dreaded puddle in the floor. Water can seep out of walls or even up through the foundation, so you won’t necessarily see other signs of a leak right away. You might just step into soggy carpet one day.

Your water meter suggests a leak. If you’re concerned about a leak in your plumbing, there’s one great way to investigate it. Turn off all appliances that use water, and then go outside to take a look at your water meter. If the meter indicates that you’re currently using water, this is a sure sign of a leak somewhere in the home.

If you notice any of these signs, turn off your water main and call us right away. We offer emergency plumber service that will hopefully help you keep the damage to a minimum.

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