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6 Basic Inexpensive Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

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Have you ever had a plumbing issue at your residence and knew how to remedy it but lacked the necessary plumbing tools? We typically borrow from a friend or neighbor, and sometimes we drive to our neighborhood home center and purchase what’s needed. In the worst-case scenario, we call for our local plumber to take care of the matter even though I could do it myself. Every home should have the necessary supplies and tools to provide basic plumbing services. Every renter or homeowner should be able to unclog a toilet, repair a toilet flapper, perform water heater maintenance, repair a slow-moving drain, reset and maintain their waste disposal, and check the water pressure.

The first Tool is a plunger

A plunger is, without a doubt, the first tool every home should have. Our trusty plunger dates from the late 1800s. Unfortunately, no one knows who invented the plunger, and no patent was ever recorded. According to some, Jeffery Gunderson was the person who invented our modern plunger in 1932. Others claim that it was invented in 1874 by a man named John S. Hawley. In any case, most would agree it’s one of the most useful tools in our house, not to mention that it’s most likely spared us from embarrassment over the years. Despite its simplicity, the plunger has improved thanks to modern-day technology. For example, our standard plunger has been altered to be more effective in clearing drains. See more cost-saving plumbing tools below.

Liquid Plumr Plunger plumbing tools

Liquid Plumr® Developed Their Own Line Of Plungers

Regarding plungers, Liquid Plumr® has what they would call the best on the market, and it still costs less than $15. The hydro force plunger propels water down your drains quickly and forcefully. In addition, it includes two plunger heads to address different drain sizes. When purchasing a plunger for your home, businesses inquire about a high-quality plunger. It could be a game changer when unclogging a shower, toilet, kitchen, or bathroom drains.

The Key Distinction Between PEX And Copper

Hex Wrench, Jam-Buster, and Garbage Disposal Wrench

A hex wrench is also called a jam buster or garbage disposal wrench. This is one wrench every household should have on hand. First, drain any standing water from your sink. After that, place a garbage disposal wrench into the specified place at the bottom of the disposal. Now, in both directions, crank the wrench back and forth to dislodge whatever is causing it to jam.  It’s perfectly acceptable to use some force; in fact, it’s recommended for dislodging whatever may be causing the issue. Your goal is to be able to move the wrench in both directions freely. You should have tripped the red overload button, and it should have extended about 1/4 inch. If the button does not stay in, wait ten minutes and try again. Allow water to drain before turning the disposal back on; however, if it jams again, repeat the steps.

Jam Buster Plumbing tools

A Water Pressure Gauge Is Another Plumbing Tool

A water pressure gauge is the third tool that every home should have. It will accurately assess your water pressure when attached to our outside spigot. If it’s more than 80 pounds per inch (PSI), your pipes and appliances are under too much strain. If it’s less than 40 PSI, it’s too low and needs increasing. The ideal PSI range for your home’s water pressure in your home is 40 – 50 PSI. Here are more plumbing tools for the average homeowner.

What You Need To Know About Your Water Pressure Regulator

Water Pressure Gauge,

a Toilet Auger That’s Perfect For Clogged Toilets

Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced a clogged toilet, especially if you have teenagers. Unfortunately, for some reason, clogged toilets and teenagers go hand and hand. Another observation is it’s mostly boys. On those occasions, the plunger just won’t do the trick, so instead of calling your local plumbing company, why not purchase a toilet auger? They cost under twenty dollars and are great to have in your home’s tool chest. They’re easy to use and will more than pay for themselves. A basic drain cleaning costs around one hundred dollars, no matter what plumbing company you call. You can purchase a three-foot drain auger at Home Depot for fifteen bucks. However, you can find the six-foot auger on Amazon for around twenty-five dollars. These plumbing tools are for the average homeowner.

Toilet Auger

RIDGID Kwik-Spin Drain Cleaning Snake Auger

This is an ideal tool for unclogging short drain pipes in showers, bathtubs and sinks. The unique Autofeed trigger assists in feeding and retracting as the drum rotates, making the task quick and easy. It cleans domestic drain pipes up to 1-1/2 inch in diameter and comes with 25 feet of 1/4 inch high-strength, kink-resistant cable. The blockage is simply grabbed and cleared by the bulb nozzle at the end of the cable. Then, when you turn the drum handle, the auto-feed trigger causes the cable to move slowly down the drain. To avoid cable extraction, the cable is firmly secured in the drum. The polyethene drum is lightweight and will not damage or rust.

If you pull the trigger and turn the drum handle, the auger will clear your drain, freeing it from debris. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Rigid tools promise to be free from defects in craftsmanship and material. The product is less than forty dollars and is the perfect tool for any home. 

Kwik-Spin Drain Cleaning Snake Plumbing Tools

Big B’s Plumbing Is Ready To Step up If A Plumbing Repair Goes Wrong

We always recommend homeowners fix minor plumbing issues themselves, especially if they’re handy with plumbing tools. However, they need to know when to call your local plumbing company. For example, cleaning a minor clog, replacing a toilet flapper, or even adjusting your water pressure can all be completed by the average do-it-yourselfer. They are also capable of completing water heater maintenance. However, if you’re at the end of your rope when making a plumbing repair, Big B’s Plumbing is ready to take over. We’ve been servicing Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, and surrounding areas for over a decade.      

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