Remove The Stink From Your Laundry Room

How To Remove The Stink From Your Laundry Room And Washer

Bad scents emanating from the washing machine aren’t only undesirable; they may also indicate a bigger problem.  For example, have you been smelling sewer gas in your laundry room or washing machine? In addition to being unpleasant, it could become a health concern if left unchecked. To address a problem, you must first understand what you’re dealing with, so you can solve it.

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Does Your Washing Machine And Laundry Room Stink Like Rotten Eggs?

If the odor comes from the washing machine, one of two things might be the cause. The most likely scenario is bacteria forming in your washing machine resulting from accumulated soap, mildew, lint, mold, and built-up dirt. These objects accumulate in the deep crevices in the drum and within the rubber seal of your washer if you don’t clean it frequently. Occasionally, a sock or washcloth might get caught under the seal of your front-loading washer. As a result, the trapped object must be removed, or it will collect mold, mildew, and germs. 

Mercaptan Is The Rotten Egg Smell In Natural Gas

A natural gas leak is another common reason for the stink in your laundry room, albeit it’s less common. Utility companies add the chemical mercaptan to the odorless natural gas to give it a rotten egg smell so that you may identify leaks. Call your gas provider or 911 when you detect a natural gas leak.

How To Address The Stink Coming From Your Washing Machine

If you have a front load washer, pull back on the rubber seal to ensure nothing is trapped inside. At the same time, you should clean the seal.  Use a cloth with an equal mixture of vinegar and water.  Alternatively, you can use bleach instead of vinegar to clear the accumulated soap scum, mildew, and debris. Then run your washer and put it on the hottest setting. Pour a cup of white distilled vinegar into the detergent tray and one-third cup of baking soda into the drum of front-load washers. When a top-loading machine is halfway filled, add half a cup of baking soda plus two cups of white distilled vinegar.

Remove The Stink From Your Laundry Room And Washer

Leave The Door Open And Wipe Down The Washer After Every Use

By leaving the washer door wide open so that it dries out, you can avoid odors in the future. Additionally, after each use, wipe the machine dry, paying specific attention to the area beneath the front-loading machine’s rubber seal. Additionally, follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning instructions.  

Caution: If you have children, buy a safety door prop for your washer. They cost less than sixteen dollars on Amazon or your local home center.

Read Your Manufacturer’s Cleaning Instructions

If the washing machine is emitting a sewage odor, cleaning it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and reaching inside to wipe down and clean between cracks with vinegar and water solution should eliminate the odor.  However, the sewer main may be to blame if the stench persists after cleaning the equipment. First, pull your washer away from the wall, then remove your drain pipe from the standing pipe. The three primary issues to look for if you smell wastewater coming from your standing pipe are as follows:

Your P-Trap Acts As A Barrier From Sewer Gases 

There are two reasons why every drainpipe in your house has a p-trap. One is that it keeps particles from entering your sewer system, causing it to clog. Cleaning out a p-trap is far simpler than locating and removing a blockage in your drainpipe or sewer line. Furthermore, it captures sewer gas emissions from the underground sewer lines. A p-trap always has a small amount of standing water that stops the stink from entering your laundry room. It acts as a barrier to stop sewage gas leaks from entering your home. 

Don’t Let Your Laundry Room Stink Like Wastewater

Your laundry area will stink like sewage if your p-trap dries out because it cannot stop the sewer gasses from entering. The same holds true for your drain hose that connects the washer; if it does not get installed correctly, your laundry room might smell like wastewater. The solution is to fill the pipe with roughly a gallon of water. This should solve the problem of the dry p-trap. If you still have concerns about the smell, call a plumber to inspect all pipes and hoses. 

A Drain Snake Is The Best Way To Unclog Your Main Drainpipe

Soap, lint, hair, or debris that partially clogs the drainpipe will ultimately allow bacteria to thrive, giving off rotten eggs odor. If this blockage is not fixed, it will continue to worsen, producing additional smells and perhaps even a backup drainpipe. The solution is cleaning your laundry room pipe with a drain snake. It will not only clear any debris from your drains but also leave them clean.  We advise calling a plumber to do the work if you’re inexperienced in using a drain snake. 

Cleaning and Clearing a Blocked Vent Pipe

The standing pipe for your washing machine has a vent pipe, much like the other pipes in your house. However, you must clear the vent line for the sewer gases to flow through them. The vent pipe usually flows upward through the roof. Therefore, sewer fumes will have nowhere to go if this pipe becomes clogged other than back into your home.

The Solution:

  1. If it’s secure, climb onto the roof and run a flashlight down the vent pipe.
  2. Search for any obstructions that could be blocking sewage gas from leaving the pipe, such as leaves or bird nests.
  3. Go ahead and pull out the obstruction if it’s simple.
  4. If not, ask someone with the necessary skills and equipment to perform it for you.

Avoid The Smell In Your Laundry Room By Cleaning Your Washing Machine

As a side note, make sure you replace old washing machine hoses because old hoses are known to leak. In most cases, it’s as easy as cleaning your washing machine. Make sure you do it frequently to avoid odors in the future. Likewise, keep the lid or door open so that it may air dry. There are items you can get at your local home center or online that will secure the door while leaving it slightly ajar if you have small children or dogs and are unable to keep it open.

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