6 Ways To Clear A Clogged or Slow-Moving Drain

6 Ways To Clear Clogged or Slow Moving Drains

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The most frequent reasons for drain blockages in private homes is grease, sludge, bathroom product, and paper product such as paper towels and wipes. Although, in most cases, a clog can be cleared using our handy plunger or small household drain snake. Then there are those though drains that require a plumbing professional, especially when it comes to sewer mains

Slow Moving Drain? Do It Yourself!

For most clogs, you might be able to clear using several do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques and tools without ever needing to call a professional plumber. We’ve gathered six of the DIY drain cleaning methods that homeowners may employ to reduce the impacts of blockages and restore the functionality of their drain pipes.

cleaning with hot water Commonly Gets Overlooked

Something that gets commonly overlooked is hot water cleaning because of its simplicity. This may be all your clogged drain requires to resume optimal efficiency. Simply flushing your toilets with hot water can clear minor clogs. In addition, the mix of water pressure, force, and heat will frequently loosen blocked materials that accumulate in drain pipes. 

To get the best results on smaller drains, boil a kettle of water and pour it down any slow moving drain. You can add a generous portion of dish soap first and this will also help loosen the clog. Then, if everything goes as planned, the water’s heat and soap, with the added force from a plunger, should free up any obstruction in your drain and restore the functionality of your drains without costing a dime. This hot water drain flush is the easiest drain cleaning method around. 

Different Plungers For Different Drains

Before going out and buying or renting drain cleaning tools, try utilizing some techniques and tools you might have in your home. Your bathroom plunger is usually perfect for most drains. We all learn how to use a plunger at a young age, and most households have more than one.  However, this is what most homeowners don’t know about plungers – there are specific plungers with optimized designs that are perfect for sink applications and other plungers designed strictly for toilets. The method for clearing a drain is largely the same regardless of the plunger you have on hand. Just cover the drain opening with the plunger and push back and forth in a steady, swift movement for roughly 1 to 2 minutes. 

Additionally, if your fixture in question has a traditional overflow vent (like those on the majority of sinks to prevent overflows), be careful to cover the vents beforehand. If not, the air pressure will escape, making your efforts useless. Additionally, apply petroleum jelly to your plunger’s rim and this can establish the best seal to the drain opening because it temporarily bonds the plunger to your fixture and keeps air from escaping.

slow moving drain toilet

You Can Try A Branded Commercial Cleaner

You might want to attempt cleaning your drains using a homemade combination of remedies if the methods mentioned above are impracticable or otherwise fail to work. Other solutions, like commercial chemical drain cleaners, such as Liquid Plumber or Draino, may dissolve and remove any minor drain pipe buildup that is causing your clogged or slow moving drains. Something to remember about chemical drain cleaners: 

  • Never use them in toilets because they can affect your wax ring.
  • Please stick to the branded drain cleaners because they have been scientifically tested not to harm pipes, porcelain, or chrome. Don’t let scare tactics affect you. These branded products have been in the market for over 60 years.
  • Not all drain cleaners are equal. Some may harm your pipes, so read the label carefully and follow the direction exactly.
  • Drain cleaners are for minor slow moving drains, not tough clogs.
commercial drain cleaners for slow moving drains

Baking Soda And Vinegar Is Another Home Remedy

The most popular of these in-home remedies is a straightforward baking soda and vinegar mixture. You probably have these ingredients in your cupboard. When they are combined, they react to dissolve and loosen debris inside pipes. The mixture is good for minor clogs in sinks and tubs. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, then slowly pour a cup of vinegar over it. Allow the mixture to sit for a short time, then rinse with a kettle of hot water. If all goes according to plan, this method of drain cleaning can unclog your slow moving drain in your bathroom. If the method does not work the first time, repeat the process. 

fix your slow moving drain

Using a Drain Snake for Do-It-Yourself Around The House

A plumber’s drain snake is probably one tool you might not already have on hand, but it’s the most recognized tool in a plumber’s toolbox. There are some drain snakes designed for the average homeowner. A drain snake can be purchased at your neighborhood home improvement center for a reasonable price (about $20 to $50) and yield a return on investment after just one use. These snakes are not necessarily for commercial use but work excellently around the home.

You Don’t Have To Be A DIY-er To Clear A Drain

In years past, most homeowners wouldn’t think about clearing their drain with a drain snake but not anymore. Instead, more people are employing snaking techniques to clean their own drains. The steps of DIY drain snaking are as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Start by passing the specialized steel cable snake into your drain pipes while rotating the handle counterclockwise until resistance is felt.
  • Rotate the snake in the opposite direction to encourage it to cling to the obstruction’s materials.
  • Reassemble your drain cover after removing the obstructed debris with the snake from your drain (If necessary).
  • With only a few simple steps, you may completely solve your drain blockage issues without seeking the assistance of a professional.

Try Carbonated Sodas, Such As Pepsi and Coca-Cola

Because it’s so unusual, this drain cleaning technique gets frequently disregarded, yet it happens to work. Carbonated sodas, such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola products, will unclog slow moving drains in your bathroom. Sometimes the most creative approaches to drain cleaning are the most effective ones available.

use soda to fix your slow moving drain

Preventative Measures to Keep Your Drain Working Properly

As you might assume, preventing the clog in the first place is one of the best methods to drain issues. Big B’s Plumbing advises scheduling a professional plumbing inspection at least once a year, especially if you live in an older home. By being proactive, you may prevent these blockages from occurring completely or at least identify them early enough before they become more significant and costly issues.

Order A Plumbing Inspection 

One of the greatest methods to prevent clogging is to simply be aware of what your drains can and cannot handle and do regular self and professional inspections. The most frequent clog-causing substances include food wrappers, animal bones, paper products, and cooking oil. You should also avoid running stringy, fibrous items through your garbage disposal and drains.

We Have You Covered With Service And Value

You can significantly enhance the plumbing efficiency in your house by using these straightforward strategies for clearing your minor clogs yourself and doing routine inspections. Then, when you need a top-notch plumbing company to meet your drain cleaning and plumbing need, Big B’s Plumbing has you covered with service and value. License #986152.

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