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A Guide To Buying An On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

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Did you know that heating water in your home takes up 20% of your household energy budget? That’s second to heating and cooling your home.  Now that the pandemic is over, much of our workforce is still at home, so that number will only increase. Unfortunately, even though homeowners have all the facts regarding their water heaters, there still one of the most frequently neglected appliances. They don’t get much attention until they malfunction, leaving you without hot water; then, we jump into action.

Federal Standards Have Increased The Effientcy OF All Water Heaters

You’ll be glad to know that you have better options because federal requirements demand water heaters must have more aggressive energy-efficient standards. So if your water heater is approaching or exceeding its life expectancy, think about replacing it before trouble occurs. On-demand tankless water heaters have proven to be even more efficient than the latest storage tank heaters, which has already raised the bar in water heater efficiency. 

Remember, An On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Is A Luxury No Matter How You Slice It

Normally, homeowners swap out their old inefficient water heater for a similar one that uses the same fuel source, either natural gas or electricity. But if you decide to switch from a storage tank to a tankless one, you must upgrade your plumbing and, potentially, your electrical system. However, installing a new tankless water heater can be cost-effective if you’re building a new house or remodeling an old one. Either way, if we’re truthful with ourselves, an on-demand tankless water heater is a luxury.

Navian On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

Do Your Research When Making A Tankless Water Heater Purchase

Most homeowners need to figure out where to start when buying a new tankless water heater. So they usually head out to a big box store and get advice from someone who knows very little about water heaters. However, recently, numerous tankless water heater manufacturers, including Navien, Noritz, Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai, Trutankless, and Tempra, were put to the test by Consumer Reports (CR). They compared the outcomes of a storage tank heater from Rheem, one electric and one gas. 

Unlike Other Large Appliances, It Did Not Have A Model-Level Rating.

We evaluated the performance of the electric and gas tankless heaters with that of their traditional storage tank counterparts after a “high usage” industry standard test. We utilized a high demand rate in the test, corresponding to 84 gallons of water used daily. That is the normal daily equivalent of washing a load of clothes, running the dishwasher, taking numerous showers while turning the tap on and off numerous times. The test included a target inlet temperature of 58º F for natural gas units and 74º F for electric models with an outlet temperature of 120º F plus or minus 2° F. 

 CR compared the average results from each batch of tankless water heaters since their performance was comparable to that of the other models. They then compared this score to that of the electric heat pump model and the performance of the traditional gas and electric heaters. As a result, unlike other large appliances, it did not have a model-level rating.

When Can My Tankless Water Heater Return My Cash Output

What they tried to determine was the return on the initial cash output period from the expected savings you would receive from your annual energy costs. They ran their testing for new and replacement heater installations using the purchase price, yearly energy costs, and expected installation costs. The tankless unit’s payback period took longer when it replaced the existing storage tank, but it was much better for new construction.

A Guild To Buying An On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

The Typical Household Will Use 100 Gallon Of Water A Day

When selecting a water heater, think about the tank capacity. The standard capacity of a water heater is 40, 50, or 55 gallons. The size you choose will depend on how many people will be residing in your house as well as your peak water demand. A family of four, for example, may use up to a hundred gallons of hot water every day while taking multiple showers, running the dishwasher, and doing a few loads of laundry. That home does not, however, require a 100-gallon storage tank.

It’s crucial to take into account the first-hour rating (FHR) for storage tank water heaters, which is the volume of water the heater can produce in an hour beginning from a full tank. The FHR is listed on the EnergyGuide label. Then, use the calculator on the Energy.gov website to determine the FHR that will work for your home’s hot water demand.

New Performance Standards Can Have Your Tankless Heater 50 Percent More Efficient

Due to newly revised performance standards, efficiency increases by a four percent boost in energy efficiency on water heaters that use less than 55 gallons. However, heaters that use more than 55 gallons can be 25 to 50 percent more energy efficient, depending on the technology utilized.  

A new water heater will only sometimes fit where your old one did. In addition, due to better insulation and other performance enhancements, some more recent models could be larger and taller than your previous water heater.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters Are Rated In Gallons Per Minute

Since on-demand water heaters naturally don’t store water, the rating is in gallons per minute (GPM). The GPM figure indicates how many gallons of hot water the heater will produce over a specific time. The device may produce more hot water when the GPM is higher. The size of your tankless water heater will be determined by the size of your family, how many bathrooms are in your home, and your peak water usage.  For instance, a regular shower consumes up to 2.5 GPM. Older washer models can consume up to 32 gallons for each load. At the same time, newer washers use between 7 and 19 gallons per wash load. Determine your requirements appropriately.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Storage Tank Heater

Warranty: Water heaters normally provide coverage for three to twelve years. Features to consider are longer warranty models often cost a little more, but we’ve found that they typically include bigger elements or burners so you can heat water quickly. In addition, they usually have better insulation for reduced heat loss. Select the water heater with the most comprehensive warranty offered.

Anti-scale gadgets: Some manufacturers promote components that circulate water to prevent the accumulation of hard water mineral deposits in the bottom of the tank. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on extra features to have a water heater that lasts, even though scale can reduce the life of your heating element. Instead, look for one with a 12-year protection warranty and clear your hard water deposits once or twice a year.

Drain Valves: Drain valves, which come in brass or plastic, are located close to the water heater’s base and allow a garden hose to empty the heater. Consider bronze drain valves instead of plastic ones since they are more robust and will last the test of time.

We’ll always give you the service you deserve

So whether you’re in the market for a tankless water heater or a storage tank heater, we’re ready to make your dreams come true. Big B’s Plumbing is certified to install and repair most tankless water heater brands. In addition, we can repair and install all storage water heaters. We’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and have over 1000 reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business. So call us today; you’ll always get the service you deserve!   

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