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Is A Trenchless Sewer Line The Right Choice For My Home?

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You may be wondering what is a trenchless sewer repair all about. Do you have issues with broken drainage pipes? Do you have questions about trenchless sewer repair? If you do, you’re at the right place. Trenchless sewer line repair is a less intrusive method of fixing broken drain pipes without the extensive digging often required for sewer main repairs. Trenchless sewer line repair has existed since the 1940s, but you probably weren’t aware of it until recently. On the other hand, you might be a homeowner in the middle of a broken sewer line and just now learning all your options. A structural pipe liner, or pipe rehabilitation technology, was initially developed in Europe but is now extensively employed in the U.S. 

What precisely does “trenchless” mean?

While a trench is defined as a long narrow ditch, however, trenchless technology avoids digging trenches in your landscaping to perform underground construction. The key advantage is that it allows for extensive work without digging a trench through your front yard landscaping and, in some cases, the need to remove the concrete.  Additionally, it is quicker than traditional approaches and often gets completed in hours instead of days.

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Traditional versus trenchless sewer repair techniques

Traditional sewage repair techniques are usually somewhat intrusive. They frequently include large trenches, heavy excavation equipment, and enormous heaps of dirt in the front of your home or structure, which requires high repair costs. And as previously mentioned, traditional sewer repair projects typically take far longer to complete.  But please don’t misunderstand; traditional approaches are proven to work, and in some rare cases, they are the only way to repair your current line. Nevertheless, we can complete most repairs by applying the latest trenchless sewer line repair techniques. The service is also less expensive, easier to install, and lasts as long as a conventional sewer line.

Trenchless sewer line repair

Trenchless sewer repair advantages

Faster To Repair: Compared to traditional procedures, the same repair may get completed in a single day.

Cost-effective: You’ll pay less than conventional sewer line repairs by applying trenchless methods of repairing your sewer main. That doesn’t include when you factor in the repairs of your damaged landscaping. Remember that traditional sewer line repairs could be quite 

invasive, causing significant collateral damage. In addition, after the work gets finished, you will be responsible for paying to put everything back together. This might result in extra costs of several thousand dollars, depending on the extent of your landscaping. 

Minimally-Invasive:  Since sewer lines are underground and difficult to access, repairs sometimes need considerable property disruption. However, trenchless repairs minimize the damage. The trenchless method doesn’t cause much property damage. Conventional procedures may include ripping down walls and excavating up floors, depending on where the broken pipe is. These types of repairs might be expensive. You can reach the existing pipes by digging one or two small access holes. 

Effective: Trenchless procedures are just as effective as conventional sewer main repairs. The repair isn’t simply a quick fix; it’s made to endure for decades. For instance, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) replacement pipelines are used in the pipe bursting method and have a life expectancy of 50 to 100 years.

Trenchless sewer repair techniques

There are two common trenchless sewer repair techniques; one is called cured-in-place pipe lining (also known as structural pipe lining). The procedure entails placing an epoxy-soaked liner into the fractured pipe, blowing it into place, and allowing it to cure for a few hours to create a new pipe within the old one. Your replacement pipe is like a new pipe within your old pipe.

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Pipe Bursting Is Another Common Pipe Replacement Method 

Pipe-bursting uses a winch along with an attached cone-shaped bursting head attached. The new HDPE pipe is pulled into the damaged pipe to replace it with the new one. This technique is known as pipe bursting. The old pipe breaks away, so a new one is pulled in its place, and the old pipe is left buried in the ground.

Will A Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work On All Broken Lines?

Do trenchless sew lines work on all pipelines? Sadly, no, it doesn’t. The success will depend on the condition of the old line. In rare instances when the line has collapsed, there are better options than the trenchless method. However, your plumbing expert will run a full camera inspection of the line to determine the extent of the damage. There are other exceptions to installing a trenchless sewer line. For instance, if your broken pipe that’s not very deep and is simple to access. So fixing it with conventional techniques could be more economical. Nevertheless, it’s definitely best to employ a trenchless procedure if it’s located underneath your driveway or walkway. 

Big B’s Plumbing Is Your Sewer Line Repair Contractor In The Inland Empire

The only surefire way to find out if trenchless sewer repair will solve your particular issue is to get in touch with a sewer replacement contractor at Big B’s Plumbing. We’re a licensed, insured, and bonded plumbing contractor with the experience to fix damaged your damaged sewer line. Once we arrive and complete a video exam of the damaged pipe, we’ll be able to inform you of the damage and provide an accurate estimate.

Call and Get Expert Advice

Unlike traditional methods, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t cause as much property damage. Additionally, if your property is not damaged, you won’t have to spend much money restoring it to its previous condition. On the other hand, the cost of repairing damage produced by conventional sewer repair may be fairly high. Call and get the expert advice you need to make an informed decision. 

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