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All You Need To Know About Adding Natural Gas To Your Home

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Many homeowners question if heating their homes with natural gas is better than electricity for the environment and the budget. While it is general knowledge that electricity is a more expensive option for heating your house, there are other advantages to switching to natural gas.

Electric furnaces have higher monthly costs and are far more expensive to operate every month than gas. Because the unit price of electricity costs more than natural gas, the total cost of heating your home is much higher. In addition, heating using electricity takes longer. This is because your electric furnace takes much longer to reach the same high temperatures as a gas furnace. However, electricity could be your best choice if your home is equipped with solar energy. 

Natural Gas Is More Beneficial Even After Upgrading

Heating using electricity is often more costly than heating with natural gas. However, while the upfront expenses of upgrading to a natural gas furnace and running new gas lines are significant, the long-term benefits usually outweigh the initial cost. In addition, natural gas is more readily available and less expensive than electricity or heating oil, which is becoming even more expensive.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Has Many Functions

You can do much more than just heating your home with natural gas. Natural gas has many uses; for example, you can use it to heat your swimming pool, jacuzzi, water heater, cook food, dry clothes, and provide the gas to light the fireplace, among other things. It’s not just for one purpose but many uses in the home. Since natural gas can be used for so many purposes, the saving compared to electricity could be significant.  Using one source of energy for many functions will also make life easier.

Natural Gas is Convenient

Natural gas provides indisputable convenience. It flows from an underground pipeline with an endless supply, so running out of gas is not an option. Unlike other heating oils and propane, you’ll never be responsible for monitoring gas levels.  As a result, you can have more time in your day to devote to the things that mean most to you, such as your children and your house. A propane gas needs to be delivered, and the levels need monitoring to guarantee that your home is kept warm. 

Another great benefit is that natural gas has the advantage of not being readily interrupted. You don’t have to worry about your natural gas supply being disrupted by the next storm or a power outage. Furthermore, it is a clean, burning fuel with no residues to clean, and as it heats, it does so without any unusual smell.  

The Gas is Safe But Could Be Lethal If Left Unchecked

Most homeowners already have safety concerns with all energy sources, including the safety of natural gas. Natural gas is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and clear, so natural gas companies add mercaptan to the gas to give a distinct smell of rotten eggs. The chemical could be responsible for saving thousands of lives. Most people know what the gas smells like immediately. For the safety of you and your household post, the emergency number of your natural gas provider should be in a prominent place for your family to see should anyone smells the gas. If you smell gas in your home, remove yourself, your family, and pets, and then call your gas company. Mercaptan is a harmless chemical, but natural gas, although rare, the gas could be lethal if left unchecked.

The Reliable, Affordable Source Of Energy 

Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that your family will always be warm and comfortable. Natural gas gets delivered to your home via an underground conduit seamlessly by your gas company. When other power sources fail, you’ll still have gas for your appliances, allowing you to start your fireplace, cook, and shower. However, when your electricity goes down and you only have electric appliances for water and cooking, you’re left to wait out the storm. 

Natural Gas Requires Less Maintenance

To keep your house safe and your furnace in good operating order, it’s best to have your filters changed every quarter, and your furnace cleaned once a year. You can call your Big B’s Plumbing professional for regular maintenance. The best time to service your furnace is during the summer month when it is not in use. Having your furnace serviced will increase its efficiency and longevity. 

Natural Gas Is The Best Option For The Environment

According to the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas, natural gas creates less pollution and carbon greenhouse emissions than its rivals. For example, it emits 45%  less CO2 than coal, 30% less than oil, and 15% less than wood when burned. Because it burns cleaner, natural gas is the most ecologically benign fossil fuel. Natural gas emits 50 to 60% less carbon dioxide (CO2) in power plants than standard oil or coal-run power plants. 

Our Gas Supplies Are In Excellent Hands

With all the talk about crude oil supplies, natural gas is abundant. There’s no need for concerned about running out of supplies or seeing any significant rise in costs. Natural gas is plentiful and simple to get in the United States.  Our supply is in excellent hands, and the cost is not projected to grow.

Natural Gas Expands Your Home’s Abilities

As previously stated, installing natural gas in your home gives you additional options. For instance, if you want to install a pool, your new natural gas lines give you a less expensive heating option. In addition, your new lines will allow you to update your worn-out appliances to the more energy-efficient models, including your water heater. Even a gas-powered fireplace has now become an option.  

Natural Gas Increases Your Home’s Value

Natural gas homes have a 4% greater market value than oil or propane homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). As a result, many rural neighborhoods are organizing campaigns to bring natural gas to their streets. Resale value is always a factor to consider when making any renovations to your property, and installing a natural gas heating system is no exception. Natural gas heating will enhance the number of potential purchasers who want to see your house. It’s a cost that a buyer won’t have to worry about adding at a later date, and future purchasers will value its ease and dependability.

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