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Your Outdoor Plumbing Is Key To Creating A Dream Backyard

It takes some thought and preparation to transform your backyard into a stunning and appealing new environment for entertaining family and friends. Planning is everything, from creating the architectural designs to getting permitted. There is no backtracking after gas, outdoor plumbing, electricity, and concrete get poured. Your professional plumbing contractor installs all your outdoor plumbing, including your gas lines. Keep in mind that some homeowners don’t realize their gas line is installed by their local plumbing contractor.

How To Create The Ideal Dream Back Yard

Whether you have a small intimate backyard or a large spacious one, set aside space for those various activities you want to undertake. Once you determine the borders and position of your outdoor kitchen, then set the borders for your seating area, eating area, bar, TV, children’s playground, pool, and other features. Plan each area to complement each other; for example, setting the seating where guests can view the beautiful scenery. Set up your grill so the grill master will be able to socialize while cooking the meal, and be close to the kitchen. Even in the smallest backyards, it’s critical to acquire a clear idea of how the layout will take shape. It’s important to include walking space between distinct zones – traffic flow and routes between permanent objects should be laid out correctly.

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Be Strategic When Designing Your Yard

As you examine the position of your eating area, there are a couple of areas to keep in mind. For instance,  no matter how practical you believe your outdoor kitchen would be, you’ll still find yourself returning to your indoor kitchen. The shorter distance will always be desired whenever you have lots of things to carry. However, always make certain that the smoke coming from the grill does not have access to your home. Make absolutely sure to pay attention to the average wind flow in your yard and position the grill correctly so that it’s not adjacent to the residence.

Remember To Take Your Outdoor Plumbing, Gas, And Electricity Into Account

Most homeowners have a budget regardless of how big or small the job is. Maybe you want to avoid financing the project, and you want to take it in phases. Whatever the case, DON’T cut corners! Hire an architect to design your outdoor barbecue/kitchen. Shop closely for the right one. This should not cost an arm and a leg for an outdoor kitchen. If you’re on a budget and need to develop your outdoor barbecue space in phases, map out the entire layout before starting the job. Not only will this give your architect a good idea of what you want, it will also allow you to organize before your outdoor plumbing and electrical are in place.

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Check Out All Your Outdoor Kitchen Options

A planned outdoor barbecue/ kitchen arrangement might contain a pizza oven, grill, sink fridge, and ample counter space and storage that you can change to accommodate a buffet for large parties. However, much will depend on the size of your outdoor kitchen, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Set Aside An Area For Overhead Fans And Overhead Cover

Gazebos and pergolas will add beauty to the area while welcoming respite from the sun’s beams and summer heat.  They’re ideal for sitting under and entertaining outside, in open-air dining. You may add curtains for seclusion and intimacy. Overhead fans and mist sprays often get overlooked as such features that might help cool the environment in hotter climates. If you choose an open slatted roof pergola, you may add transparent fiberglass to keep the area dry without limiting the light.

If you’re going to put an outdoor barbecue beneath a structure, don’t make the mistake of NOT making enough room for ventilation between the grill and the ceiling.

Outdoor Television Adds To Your Dream Backyard

With a TV in your backyard, you can have a variety of parties, from huge sporting events to kid’s campouts and, let’s not forget, family movie night. If you dream big, you may have added a hot tub to add a little romance to your movie night.  Be careful to store the television in a properly shielded cabinet from the elements. An excellent outdoor sound system is a must that will improve your entertainment experiences.

Lighting Will Add To The Perfect Ambiance 

Outdoor lighting is crucial for generating the right mood as well as providing sufficient light for usefulness and safety. Hanging lamps, pendant lights, and bistro lights can all help set the tone for a relaxing evening. When the sun goes down, adding accent lighting to the roof of your gazebo and outdoor barbecue/kitchen area will truly set the tone. Low-voltage lighting accentuates a water feature, pathways, stairwells, and grilling areas.

Hire A Top-Notch OutDoor Plumbing Contractor 

For a gorgeous, fully functional fantasy backyard, you’ll need your outdoor plumbing, and gas installed by a top-notch plumbing contractor. As previously said, it’s critical to consider it early in the planning phase and when deciding where your outdoor entertainment area, kitchen, fire pit, jacuzzi, or pool will get located. Big B’s Plumbing has installed outdoor plumbing and natural gas lines for fireplaces, fire pits, and grills for over a decade. 

Start Planning For A Timeless Summers

As summer’s pleasant fragrances and welcoming warmth replace the lengthy winter months, you can start planning those timeless summer pool parties and barbecues in your new fantasy backyard. Maybe you’re a sports family and are looking forward to entertaining all those young athletes. Whatever the case, Big B’s Plumbing is ready to answer the call. 

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