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Am I Capable Of Doing My Own Plumbing?

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced plumbing problems in the past. Some could be as small as a clogged toilet, while others like a pipe leak can cause serious concern. So the real question is, what can I do myself, and when do I call a plumber? Those are questions only you can answer. But there are some obvious plumbing issues that only a plumbing professional can handle. For example, the average do-it-yourselfer (DYI) should not attempt replacing a water heater, or repairing a broken pipe. On the other hand, unclogging and fixing a broken toilet is within the scope of a DIYer.

Have Your Water Heater Installed By Licensed Contractor

Attempting to replace your water heater without the proper skills is outright dangerous and will put others at risk. Some water heater manufacturers will not even honor the warranty if not installed by a licensed plumbing contractor. Consider this the average water heater lasts ten to twelve years, so having it installed correctly and up municipal codes are worth the extra expense. Every year there are thousands of water heaters installed improperly by an unlicensed handyman, homeowners, and DIYers. Incorrectly installed water heaters have proven to cause floods, fires, and even deaths. The fact is water heaters, and cloth dryers cause 7% of home fires and 4% of deaths in the home.

Am I Capable Of Doing My Own Plumbing

A Homeowner Can do most Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is definitely something a homeowner can do, and that includes renting a plumbers snake and snaking your drain. But even drain cleaning has its limits, for instance, your clogged drain may be in the sewer main itself and not a standard drain in the home. In that case, you may need heavier equipment to clear the drain, especially if the obstruction is tree roots. At Big B’s Plumbing, we use a truck-mounted Hydro Jetting machine to remove the worst clogs, so this type of drain cleaning job is for your plumbing professionals. Additionally, these hard to clear drain requires a camera inspection to identify the obstruction so they can properly select the right bit to cut through the problem. Hydro Jetting uses 4000 PSI of water pressure as well as the proper bit, clearing everything in its path.

An Amateur DIYer Should Not Repair A Broken Pipe

Broken pipes are a plumbing emergency, and an amateur DIYer should never take on such a project. Pipes don’t break for anything, there are usually underlying issues. Not only will a plumbing expert fix the problem quickly, but they will also identify the reason your pipes started to leak in the first place. If you experience a pipe leak, turn the water off to your home immediately to avoid potential flooding and call your plumbing expert.

We Do More  Than We Think

Without knowing, most homeowners do more plumbing around their home than they realize. Clearing clogged sinks, toilets and bathtubs as well as lighting a pilot is plumbing as well as fixing a toilet. Replacing an old backyard spigot and freeing a stuck garbage disposal is also considered plumbing. So we all do more plumbing around the house than we give ourselves credit for, but leave the tough stuff to your plumbing professional.

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