Plumbing disaster Covered By Home Warranty

Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?

Some of you who have come to this page, you want the answer and nothing else.

YES, is the answer to “Are Plumbing Repairs Covered By My Home Warranty?” (That is if your home policy includes the particular service or parts and provider in the plan you chose.)

But, those of you who can take the time, please continue to read so you can fully understand what you are up against with home warranty service policies.

Read Your Policy Carefully

Seriously, you must get to know the details of your home warranty and how it works so that you can capitalize on the rates that you pay. Each contract writes differently, so each has different requirements and coverage. You better know your plan before you start spending money thinking somebody else is going to reimburse you.

Most people are familiar with an extended warranty for a car. Usually, you get this with a used car since you don’t know the history of how a past owner has taken care of the car, and you want to safeguard yourself from significant unexpected repairs. Similarly,  one can purchase a home warranty or service contract that protects the homeowner from high-cost unexpected system failures, appliance breakdowns or other issues that can arise in a home. Home warranty coverages are different from home insurance coverages. Just like the automobile or medical insurance, the policyholder offers many plans with corresponding rates depending on how extensive (or not) you would like them to cover. On the most part, a homeowner can customize the policy according to their priorities and budget.

Usually, a home warranty covers the major components and parts of your plumbing system. Again, refer to your service contract that provides precise details on covered plumbing services and parts.

Make Sure The Plumber Is Approved

Another critical item to remember is to make sure that the plumber you choose can coordinate with your home warranty provider. Can you imagine reviewing your service contract, being confident that the plumbing service is covered then come to find out, the plumber you used will not get paid out of the home warranty policy because that provider is not on their list of approved companies?

No need to fret, at Big B’s Plumbing, we work with many home warranty providers. We know the process and will educate you along the way if need be. Many times we are the one communicating with your home warranty company so you won’t have to deal with it.  We want you to get the best service and want to save you money while you are at it. Check out our reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google+. We will not disappoint.

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