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Benefits Of A Modern Bidet

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Understand the benefits of a modern bidet. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t familiar with the modern bidet. Most adults have only seen a stand-alone bidet a few times in their life. In most cases, if you showed a young person a modern bidet, they wouldn’t even know what they’re looking at. Then there are those few that can’t live without them. A bidet’s primary use is to thoroughly clean yourself after pooping, and for women, it’s used for both. In the past, we were only familiar with one kind of bidet – the stand-alone floor-mounted model. The stand-alone model required its own plumbing and could be compared more to a sink than a toilet. They’re expensive to install and usually could only be seen in upscale homes.

Americans Account For 20% Of The World’s Toilet Paper

Do you remember not that long ago, our grocery store shelves got stripped of all toilet paper due to the Covid Crisis. People were in a panic! We had to have our toilet paper rationed, Costco was rationing their toilet paper. The United States leads the world in toilet paper usage. The typical American uses over 140 rolls of toilet paper per year, roughly 28 pounds, more than twice as much as European countries, such as France or Italy. In fact, we’re so obsessed with toilet paper while accounting for just 4% of the worldwide population. Americans use 20% of the world’s toilet paper. The vast majority of our toilet paper is manufactured entirely of virgin softwood pulp, with no recycled paper. Recycled toilet paper accounts for about $161 million, or less than 2%, of the $9.4 billion toilet paper industry in the United States.

Modern bidet

Two Basic Types Of Modern Bidets

In today’s homes, you can see all types of models: the traditional floor mounted and the compact toilet seat model. Some bidets can attach right to your toilet bowl. For example, a shower bidet is common in other countries where water gets used for anal cleansing. These modern bidets are also called bidet spray, bidet sprayer, and health faucet. The shower bidet is handheld and is similar to the sprayer on a kitchen faucet.

Modern Bidet

Understand The Benefits Of A Modern Bidet Modern Bidet

Using a bidet for the first time will take some getting used to, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. For example, Americans use thirty-four thousand rolls of toilet paper a day with an average cost of $102,000,000. Some people dry themselves with a small clean towel and launder the towels when using a bidet. Others use a minimal amount of toilet paper. As a result, you can cut your toilet paper consumption by 50% to 75%.

Another thing to consider, cleaning with water is much more sanitary than wiping with paper. Do you wash your hands by wiping them or washing them? The answer is simple. We wash them in soap and water. Soap is not necessary for our private parts, and the medically-recommended way to clean the genital region is warm water.

Bidets Are For Both Men And Women

Bidets are clearly for both men and women. Yes, they are proven to help maintain excellent feminine hygiene. The same is true for men, children, and the elderly. They too can all reap the benefits of good hygiene from a bidet. In addition, some modern bidets have a handheld sprayer attachment that makes them ideal for cleaning private parts of men, children, and the elderly.

Most Bathrooms Around The World Have Bidets

Bidets have never made it into our culture in the US compared to the rest of the world. However, if you have ever traveled, it would be hard not to notice the bidets, including third world countries. In fact, most bathrooms worldwide are equipped with bidets, yet here in the USA, there are very few at best. While your first couple of experiences with a bidet might be somewhat awkward, you will become accustomed to knowing you are clean. You will quickly prefer water washing versus wiping with a handful of toilet paper.

Americans Need To Slow Down

Another observation is that Americans, in general, are always in a hurry. Using a bidet to clean yourself seems to take a couple of extra minutes, but the extra time is well spent. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’re well accustomed to bidet installations, whether it’s a new installation or you’re upgrading your bathroom. So call today and get the service you deserve.

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