Giving Job for Hydro Jetting a Sewer Line

Big B’s Plumbing Giving Is Essential

Now from the start, we want to make it clear that Big B’s Plumbing is not tooting our horn about giving. We’re sure many businesses give more, and others give less. Some give time and others money. Regardless we believe its an essential part of any great company. The bottom line is that it positively promotes your business. In any community, you have single moms, single dads, elderly, unemployed and others that are just down on their luck living paycheck to paycheck. Remember, just because someone owns a home doesn’t mean they don’t have their struggles.

It’s Better To Give Than To Receive

Owner of Big B's Plumbing Brandon Mageno
Owner of Big B’s Plumbing Brandon Mageno With His Mom Kathy

In most cases, you hear about a need from a friend, family, or even a church. You may also find that an organization like a little league field or nonprofit that may need some help and you may want to contribute your time and love to a project. Whatever the case we can assure you that no one would be standing on a street corner holding a sign saying “I have a plumbing problem that they can’t afford to fix.” As a business owner, I feel a sense of responsibility to my community that brought our family some success. And as the saying goes “it’s better to give than to receive.”

Giving Is An Opportunity

I’ll share a recent opportunity we had to extend ourselves as a business. Through a chain of events, we met a lady that had a disabled husband. They had a meager income and couldn’t afford to fix their sewer line. They had been without a working sewer line for over a year. The clogged was due to tree roots in the line. Our team of plumbers loaded up the Hydro Jetting equipment and cleared out the pipe within a couple of hours the problem was solved. We see that as an opportunity, a privilege, not a responsibility. In reality, you won’t find too many homeowners asking for help but when the opportunity arises jump on it. It’s just good business.

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