Sewer Main Replaced

Sewer Main Replaced Served 100 Homes

At Big B’s plumbing, we always enjoy showing our projects especially when they have such an effect on so many people. In this case, the sewer main needed to be replaced. It is the primary sewer line to 100 mobile homes. When you start a project like this planning is critical. Rule #1 plan for setbacks because any job of this magnitude has its own set of issues that may be unseen.

The Broken Sewer Main was 12′ Under Ground

In this particular case, our video equipment detected that the sewer line was broken in multiple areas. After taking all the safety precautions by blocking off the street from traffic. We then determined that the sewer main was approximately 12′ deep. The depth of the sewer main was more than expected but we had done our planning and had our excavation equipment ready. We first cut the asphalt to the proper dimensions using a concrete saw and excavated the area. The old sewer main was removed, and the new 6″ sewer line was then put in place then attached. The area was then covered, and the asphalt patched.

We Have Expert Sewer Line Technicians

For the Big B’s plumbing team it was a job well done. Our team completed every part of the task from excavation to patching the asphalt. We had a few hitches, but for the most part, it went as planned. For our team, sewer main breaks are a common occurrence, especially in older residential homes. In many cases, we use trenchless technology where minimal digging is required, and landscaping is kept in tack.

Customer Satisfaction Is #1

As always customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We exist to meet the plumbing needs of our customers in southern California. Our customers at the mobile home park were elated with the project. When you have a job big or small, we have the technicians that can tackle any plumbing issue.

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