Do You Replace Your Toilet?

Do You Fix Your Toilet, Or Buy A New One And Recycle The Old

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I can speak for most of the population when I say we like our uninterrupted toilet time. A poll once was taken from 2500 people revealing an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes was spent each week in the going #2. Other surveys stated slightly less. It showed that pooping took up a significant amount of time, which breaks down to 2208 hours or 92 days over a lifetime. Another study showed men spent 1 hour and 45 minutes a week on it while women did their duty in just 85 minutes. That shows that our toilets are a big part of our quality of life, we can go so far as to say there like a piece of furniture than a bathroom fixture, so we better take care of our toilets.

Enjoy Your Toilet Time

Keep Your Toilet From Running

Nothing is more irritating than a running toilet; it’s the most common cause of a high water bill. A toilet that runs continuously wastes up to 200 gallons of water daily. The most common cause of your toilet running is the flapper. You’ll know it’s the flapper when it no longer holds a tight seal and water starts leaking into the bowl. All hardware stores and home centers have all the parts you’ll need to stop it from running, and it will never cost more than a few bucks. You don’t need to be a handyperson or do-it-yourselfer to replace a flapper. 

Replacing a toilet flapper is a relatively simple process that can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Turn off the water supply: First, turn off the water supply by shutting off the shut-off valve located behind the toilet or by turning off the main water supply.
  2. Flush the toilet: With the water supply off, flush the toilet and remove the water in the tank. 
  3. Quick pic: Use your smartphone to take a quick picture of how it’s installed.
  4. Remove the old flapper: Remove the lid from the tank and locate the flapper. Remove the old flapper by detaching it from the chain or sliding it off the arms that hold it in place.
  5. Purchase the new flapper: Take the old flapper to your home center and match it with a new one.
  6. Install the new flapper: Install the new flapper by attaching it to the chain or sliding it onto the arms. Ensure that the flapper is properly aligned and covers the hole at the bottom of the tank.
  7. Turn on the water supply: Turn on the water supply and let the tank fill with water. Check for leaks and adjust the flapper chain if necessary.
  8. Test the flush: Flush the toilet a few times to ensure the new flapper works properly and has a tight seal.
  9. Replace the lid: Once you’re satisfied that the new flapper is working properly, replace the lid on the tank.
  10. Consider putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank and wait a half hour. If the bowl shows signs of food coloring, then the flapper is not sealed correctly.

That’s it! You’ve successfully replaced the flapper. 

Replace That Cracked, Ugly Seat

Most of us procrastinators rarely get to the honey do’s, and a wobbly or cracked seat are two things that get put off for another day. Most of the later model toilet seats screw into place using plastic nuts, but the older toilets used a metal nut and bolt for fastening the seat. While it’s easy to replace, the nut can be difficult to remove if corroded. Furthermore, if your toilet seat is secured with a metal nut and bolt, you may have an old model toilet that uses too much water. Consider replacing it with a new one that uses 1.6 gallons per flush or less.

Is Your Toilet Rocking?

A rocking or shifting toilet should not get put off for another day. Putting off a rocking or shifting toilet could cause damage to your subfloor. For example, the subfloor may have become warped, or its original installation was incorrect. Whatever the case, any movement can damage the wax seal. To correct the problem, remove the old caulking and cut plastic shims if there are any. Since the toilet was wobbly or had shifted, then the wax ring will need replacing before you reinstall it. Once the wax ring is in place and its level, tighten the nuts until they’re snug. Lastly, add new caulking around the toilet.

Corroded Flush Handle Or Parts

Most parts on your toilet you can easily replace. Even a novice do-it-yourselfer can replace most parts of a toilet. Another standard part of the toilet that needs replacing is the flush handle. It’s as simple as turning the nut to the left to loosen it. Remove the old handle and slide the new one in place and tighten. In fact, For a small amount out of pocket, you can replace all the parts in your toilet, making it like new. 

Can An Old Toilet Get Recycled

Yes, toilets can get recycled. However, the process of recycling them can be complex and requires specialized equipment and facilities. Here are some of the steps involved in recycling them:

  1. Collecting the toilet: The toilet is removed from its location and taken to a recycling center or facility.
  2. Separating the materials: You should break down your toilet into its parts, which typically include porcelain, metal, and plastic. These materials are then separated and sorted.
  3. Processing the materials: The porcelain is crushed and used as a base material for road construction, while the metal and plastic are melted down and used to create new products.
  4. Reusing the materials: The recycled materials are used to create new products, such as concrete, asphalt, and other building materials.

While recycling toilets is possible, it may not always be the most practical option. Sometimes, it may be more cost-effective to simply dispose of an old one and purchase a new one. However, you can contact your local recycling center or waste management facility to learn more about their recycling programs and options if you want to recycle.

Time To Get A New Toilet

Consider a New Toilet

Have you considered getting a new toilet? If your current model flushes more than 3.5 or more gallons per flush, you’re wasting a significant amount of water. These old toilets were manufactured in the 80s and early 90s. Switching to a WaterSense-labeled toilet can save as much as 13,000 gallons of water a year. The WaterSense program is part of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For a product to earn the label, it must be independently certified to meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. A new toilet certified with the WaterSense label could cost less than $200, which is an excellent investment. 

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