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How To Navigate Through Flood Damage In Our Home

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You wake one morning and walk downstairs to find water all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. It’s apparent that a pipe burst from above the kitchen, and the water damage is significant. The big question is, “Does my plumber handle flood damage, or do I call someone else?” It would depend on a few things, such as your plumbing company handling insurance claims and flood damage repairs. If you use a plumbing company that you’re comfortable with, ask the plumbing company to give you a recommendation. The way it works is the referring plumbing company will usually be contracted for the plumbing services, and the flood damage company will handle the water damage. Both companies work hand in hand.

#1 – Stay In Charge And Don’t Get Overwhelmed About The Flood Damage

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your home is overcome with water damage. The fact is, water damage isn’t some random event. Statistics show that 37% of households claim to have had water damage to some degree, and 14,000 people a day will experience a water issue in the US each day. Whether it comes from a storm, flood waters, or broken pipes, we need to have a trusted place to turn. The most common place to turn is your trusted plumbing contractor. They will give you the direction you need to point you in the right direction. Your homeowner insurance may also have a recommendation. 

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#2 Ensure Your Family And Pets are Safe

Ensuring your family and pets are safe from any disaster is the top priority. Take crucial actions in the event of a severe home disaster due to water damage. To maintain safety and safeguard, check out the few suggestions below:

Emergency Plan Fo Food Damage

Turn off the electricity, but remember that you shouldn’t combine water and electricity at any point. If you find yourself surrounded by water, you should leave the electricity on and contact your plumbing contractor. They’ll know whether an electrical contractor is needed. Electrical and plumbing contractors are well versed in each other’s trade.  In any case, wait until the electricity is turned off before entering your water-damaged home again.

If water damage is significant and includes standing water, wear the appropriate protective clothing such as rubber boots and gloves. If raw sewage is involved, wear a protective mask. Protect your belongings by raising wood furniture away from wet carpeted areas. If feasible, insert aluminum foil beneath the feet of any furniture to prevent stains. If your flooring is wet, remove the area rugs and hang them to dry.

#3 – Find The Area The Leak is From And Call Your Local Plumbing Contractor

Finding and fixing a leak or other cause of water damage should be your other concern. Once you know where the water is coming from, immediately turn off the water to your home to prevent further damage and call your plumbing contractor. Most water damage to homes is brought on by leaking, damaged, or corroded pipes. However, it could still result from defective appliances, leaky roofs, poor installation, or architectural flaws.

Plumbing and flood damage go hand and hand. However, in most cases, your local plumbing company will determine if your water damage requires a flood damage expert for the clean-up. 

Small Pipe Leaks May Be More Than Meets The Eye

Whenever a pipe leaks, one thing is for certain. What usually seems to be a small leak may actually be the first indication of something much bigger. Therefore, if the first sign of water damage appears minor, you must take action the moment you become aware of it. In addition, most water damage causes significant havoc to your personal items and the structure of your home—environmental dangers like mold might also put you and your family at a health risk. 

Take Pictures Before and After If Possible

Take pictures of the damage as soon as you locate the source to track its development. Try and locate any pictures you may have of the area before the damage occurred.  If you cannot locate the leak, no problem. Your plumbing technician will be well accounted with the problem.

Flood Damage and Plumbing Go Hand In Hand

There are some exceptions; for example, for a flood isolated to a small area like a laundry room, your plumbing company may be best suited to handle the job from start to finish. Flood damage and plumbing go hand in hand, but here lies the problem. While your plumbing system was the cause of the flood, you must repair the collateral damage to the drywall, cabinets, and flooring. Whatever the case, fixing the issue quickly is strongly advised, especially if sewage is involved. If the problem does not get resolved quickly, mold can begin to form within 24 to 48 hours. If left unchecked, spores can develop in 3 to 12 days, and the mold is visible in 18-21 days. 

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