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Is It Really A Plumbing Emergency?

A Plumbing Emergency Just Can’t Wait

Realistically some issues can’t wait, such as a broken pipe, slab leak, or any flood-related problems; they’ll need prompt attention. On the other hand, there are smaller issues like broken garbage disposal, leaky faucets, and in some cases, a clogged drain. For some, you can even throw in a broken water heater if you don’t mind taking a cold shower. Honestly, only you know your level of discomfort. You may also have special circumstances that merit an emergency plumber. One thing is for sure, if you decide to call your plumbing company after hours, you will fix the problem promptly. 

Some Easy Steps Can Save You A Few Bucks

If you decide you want to save a few bucks and your problem can wait until the next business day, then you’ll want to take a few precautions. First, if your plumbing issue is in one area, such as a bathroom, avoid using it altogether and turn off all the shut-off valves, including the toilet. In the case of a faucet, the shut-off valves are under the sink, and the toilet valve is usually behind the toilet on the left side. For a significant plumbing issue, you’ll need to turn off the main shut-off valve to your home. In case of any plumbing emergency, everyone should know where to locate their home shut-off valves.

Burst Pipe Caused By High Water Pressure

When there is a substantial rise in water pressure, and if your pipes have a weak connection, there is the potential for a burst pipe. Not only can excessive water pressure cause a pipe to rupture, but it can also have a negative impact on appliances, faucets, and fixtures. When a pipe bursts, a loud “popping” sound is typically heard, although most residents may be unaware of it until the damage is done. When you hear a loud popping sound coming from your plumbing system, run a quick inspection through your home. If you notice any signs of water, turn the water off to the home and call your plumber because this is a plumbing emergency. 

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Backed-Up Sewer Main Could Be Devastating

What does a sewer backup entail? Your home has both freshwater pipeline entering your home and outgoing water lines that removes the wastewater. Sewer/wastewater pipes transport liquid and solid wastewater away from your residence. Primary sewer main backups are a frequent issue caused by toilet paper, bathroom products, wipes, and feminine hygiene products. Kitchen products can also contribute to a clogged sewer line; for example, you should never flush paper towels, and grease should never be poured down the drain. A backed-up sewer line is an emergency plumbing issue because it has the potential of backing up onto the bathroom floor, creating a health issue. If you have repeated drain blockages, gurgling toilets, or foul drain odors, you may have a sewage problem and should get it resolved immediately.

Water Heater Issues? We’ll Treat It Like An Emergency!

No hot water? Is there a weird odor coming from your faucet while it is running? Has your water started to leak? These are just a few instances of possible water heater malfunctions. Let’s face it, the lack of hot water for many families is a plumbing emergency. With annual water heater maintenance to your water heater, you could expect to get 10-15 years out of it. But most homeowners don’t know their water heaters need maintenance, and they just sit in the corner of the garage year after year until something goes wrong. While not every water heater issue is an emergency, we will do our best to treat it like one.

Replace Your Water Heater

In The End, It’s About Peace Of Mind

When faced with any plumbing emergency, your comfort level is paramount. Whether you choose to wait until the next day or call in reinforcements now, peace of mind and a good night’s sleep is always best. At Big B’s Plumbing, you’ll find a team of highly skilled plumbers that can coach you over the phone to put your mind to rest – license #986152.

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  1. Thank You for sharing this article. Emergency plumbing requirements could be a huge mess, especially when it is with your hot water system. One needs to have basic knowledge of handling the situation.

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