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Watch Out For Summer Plumbing Problems

With summer almost in full swing, what can we expect from our plumbing system? Whether you know it or not, plumbing problems are seasonal. The fact of the matter is, we use some appliances and fixtures more in summer than we do any other time of the year. Then, as the weather starts warming up and the kids are home from school, our plumbing goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. With a few reminders and some practical tips, we can avoid calling a plumber. 

Your Plumbing Pro Can Fix Any Summer Plumbing Problem

The most prominent issue during summer is clogged drains and broken toilets. With summer get-togethers and kids home all day long, our toilets get taxed. Remind your kids to use a moderate amount of toilet paper, and for the young ones, they also need to be reminded, “Never put anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.” Now most homeowners can handle the typical clog with our faithful plunger. However, with all the usage, it’s not uncommon to hear your toilet run. You may need to make minor adjustments to your float, flapper, flush valve, or flush handle. Whatever the case, you can trust your plumbing professional to fix any plumbing issue promptly, including a severely clogged drain. 

Sewer Lines Get Taxed During Summer Time

Summer is when your sewer line gets overtaxed. If you start to experience slow-moving drains, then it’s time to have your sewer line cleaned. In some situations, such as a recurring drain problem, you may need a camera inspection as well. With kids home from school and more family members working out of their homes, our sewer main gets more traffic than expected and is susceptible to clogging, especially in old homes. Never flush anything more than liquid waste, solid waste, and toilet paper, including any products that say “flushable,” such as wipes. Carefully watch what is doing down your kitchen drains. 

Plumbing Problems

Garbage Disposals Needs Your Attention

Another problem that’s more common during summer is the breaking down of our garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are built to last about 10- 12 years, but that number can be reduced significantly if not maintained properly. Summer is the time for outdoor cookouts. With those cookouts comes watermelon, cantaloupe, hard fruits, hard vegetables, corn on the cob, and grease, which will all put significant stress on the disposal; those items belong in the trash or composter. Avoid pouring fat or grease down the drain after grilling. Also, running cold water down your disposal for a few seconds after usage can help clear any remaining food bits. 

 Summers Put A Strain On Your Water Heater

Your water heater gets taxed because your home uses so much hot water during the summer months. Between the additional laundry and extra bathing, you’ll also be putting an excessive amount of strain on your water heater. Make sure you have annual maintenance completed. As a side note, most homeowners don’t know that their water heater requires annual maintenance.  No one ever wants to wake up to a cold shower, so if your heater is more than eight years old, have it inspected because, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”  Additionally, you can save money and energy by reducing your hot water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Washing Machine Hoses Can Crack And Leak

Summertime entails a variety of recreational activities, including visits to the pool and beach. The activities result in an abundance of dirty clothing and sand-filled towels that need washing. While your plumber isn’t going to check on your washing machine, this is a good time to change out those old hoses.  As a side note, your washing machine’s hot and cold outlets are always in the “on” position, putting pressure on the hoses for years. As a result, it’s not unusual for laundry hoses to leak, crack or bulge.  Summertime is the perfect time to repair or replace any old hoses and shut-off valves. 

Check Your Sprinkler Stations

Broken sprinklers can wreak havoc on a water bill if it goes unnoticed. First, run a check of all your sprinkler stations. Sprinklers are more for your landscape contractors, but they work hand in hand with your plumbing system. When it’s time to start up the mower, check your lowered sprinkler heads. Inspect your sprinkler heads and adjust them appropriately. Set them correctly so that no water is wasted. When you have plumbing problems, call for a licensed plumbing expert at Big B’s Plumbing.

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