No one likes a pushy plumber A Bad Review

Should I Give My Plumber A Bad Review?

What should I do if my plumbing repair didn’t go as planned? Should I give my plumber a bad review? Unfortunately, we live in a culture that wants to pull the trigger on a bad review the minute something goes wrong. Reviews can be a powerful thing and can make or break a business. I’m not one that wants to give someone a scathing review because something went wrong on a job.

I think how a company handles a problem when something does go wrong shows more credibility and integrity than if everything on the job went smoothly. Even the best plumbing companies and the best plumbers will have things go wrong, and before you go out and write a bad review, let them try and make it right. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people, and many of those people give it their best; and in some cases, their best still doesn’t fix the problem.

Should I Give My Plumber A Bad Review?

Why I Didn’t Give A Bad Review

Short story, my refrigerator went out so I called for a repairman to come out and estimate the repair. He charged me $69 for the estimate and told me that the $69 would be deducted from the repair if we chose to use their services. He informed me that the cost of the repair was $2,500 because the problem is a blown motor. All he did to assess the problem was stick his hand in the fridge. Unfortunately, the refrigerator is a 42″ built-in-one, and they cost around $8,000. I couldn’t just go with him without research. I got a second estimate. I needed reassurance.

The second repairman took off the panel in the freezer and noticed it was a broken fan motor, and $240 later, the fridge was fixed. I could have gone online and ripped into that first company. I could have given them a one-star rating, but I chose to call them and talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was very apologetic and immediately sent me back my $69. I noticed they had many good reviews across the board. The repairman who gave the estimate thought it was a bad motor because it wasn’t cooling. He wasn’t thorough and didn’t go the extra mile. My point is this, there is a time and place to pull the trigger on a bad review.

Make Every Effort To Resolve A Problem

Exhaust all your efforts to resolve a problem first. I can assure you that business owners don’t want their reputation harmed. Reviews are critical because they empower consumers to make good decisions.

While most companies are out to do their best, some work strictly for the almighty dollar and will take every opportunity to get what they can from a customer. There is a time for less than perfect reviews but always do it in the right spirit. Never do it to get back at a company, always do it to inform the consumer. Always try and resolve a matter first and never use reviews as a threat. And remember, a company willing to make things right when something goes wrong doesn’t deserve a bad review.

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