Low Flow Toilets

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WaterSense Certified Toilets: Maintaining Top-Notch Performance

Comprehensive Independent Certification: WaterSense Toilets Modern toilets can now function with as little as 1.28 gallons per flush, or even less, thanks to technological advancements that meet or exceed performance requirements. When comparing this to the current federal norm of 1.6 gallons per flush, there is a 20% reduction in water usage. WaterSense certified toilets […]

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Water Conservation Matters, Your Plumbing System

Water Conservation Matters: Small Changes Lead to Big Results

Do you ever worry about how much water you’re using? Have you considered the long-term effects of your home’s water consumption and conservation habits? As a homeowner, understand the significance of water usage and conservation in today’s world. Despite being one of our most abundant natural resources, fresh water has become increasingly scarce due to […]

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New Toilet Installation And Repair

Want The Best Toilet? Then Follow These Steps!

Are you looking for the best toilet for your home? Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on the toilet? Men will spend an estimated 102 minutes a week on the toilet, and women 85 minutes. That works out to 14.57 minutes a day for men and 12.4 minutes a day for […]

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Save Water In California With New Plumbing Innovations

Money, Water, And Energy Saving Plumbing Tips For Your Home

We all want to save money and make a good investment. Some of us may even have a little in the stock market. If it goes up, we get excited; if it goes down, we start to worry. Our house is an investment. But, by taking it a step further, your home could significantly save […]

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Plumbing trends

Plumbing Trends You Can Expect For The Inland Empire

When most of us think of plumbing, we rarely consider the advancements in technology or online engagements. That’s because it’s so much a part of our lives now. For example, if you need a plumber, the consumer gets online and completes a search for the closest “plumber near me.” In just a few seconds, you’ll […]

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plumbing career

Plumbing Advice And Concerns For The Inland Empire In 2022

The Inland Empire is booming! In areas like Murrieta, Temecula, and Menifee, homes are getting built in large numbers. Apartments have sprung up wherever they can find space. As a result, tradespeople are in great demand, including plumbers. Let me give you a little plumbing advice for those young people that would rather forgo college; […]

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Faucet Installation

Start Installing Low Flow Fixtures

Well, we’re almost halfway through the year, and for some of us, the resolutions we made have long been forgotten. But for others, we’re still on track. Maybe we set a goal for recycling more or retrofitting our home with new energy-saving products. For many, it’s become a deep conviction to do our fair share […]

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