New Toilet Installation And Repair

Your Toilet Is A Good Investment

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on your toilet? Men will spend an estimated 102 minutes a week on the toilet and women 85 minutes. That works out to 14.57 minutes a day for men and 12.4 minutes a day for women. Here is the staggering part about these numbers, men will spend over two 40 hour work weeks a year sitting on the toilet (88.63 hours) and for women, it’s 75.43 hours a year. I can almost guarantee you that neither men or women would consider that time wasted. For most of us, that’s time well spent. While the act of going potty takes only a couple minutes or so, the rest of the time is spent relaxing, taking our mind off what is going on around us. For many of us, it’s therapy. And we just don’t like it when we are rushed. 

How much time do you spend on your toilet

Have You Ever Considered Upgrading To An Expensive Toilet?

Have you ever thought about enhancing that time on the toilet? For example, have you ever considered upgrading your toilet to a premium model? I think you’ll agree that most toilets can last twenty years or longer. The only thing that will need changing is the parts inside the toilet. Since we spend so much time on the toilet, then why don’t we go all out and buy the best? If you spent one thousand dollars on a new toilet with all the bells and whistles, that would work out to 5.4¢ per day for the next 15 years–––is it worth it? That’s something you’ll have to answer.

Your Toilet

Toto – The Biggest Name In Expensive Toilets

Toto is the biggest name in high-end toilets. They start at $500 and can run up to $7000. The technology is off the planet. They feature built-in bidets called Air-In-Wonderwave, Heat seats, Air Deodorizer, and Premist technology which prevents waste from adhering to your toilet. And as always, when you pay more, you get more. For example, the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated toilet provides Auto Open and Close Lid, Self Cleaning Automatic Flush, and Cleansing Functions Dryer, in addition to the features above for just over $2000. They’re ergonomically designed for universal heights and have a more comfortable seat position across a wide range of users.   

Don’t Skimp On Installation

For some of us, we would never think about spending that much on a toilet; but for others, it’s a worthy investment considering how much time we spend in the bathroom. Whatever the case, if you decide to invest in a high-end toilet, have it installed by your Big B’s Plumbing professional. We’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, and we have top-notch reviews. 

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