the facts about hydro jetting

The Facts About Hydro Jetting Your Drains

Get the facts about hydro jetting your drains. There are commonly clogged drains, and then there are those drains that are always a problem. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, we’ve all experienced a problem drain whether someone used too much toilet paper or a child’s toy got flushed. Likewise, there are those drains that overtime won’t let up on you; the clog just keeps returning. Most drain problems we can handle ourselves, but the one that keeps recurring seems to be the headache because the plumber is coming out every two or three months to clear the sewer line. Does it sound too familiar? That’s why it’s time to get it fixed for good. 

A Truck-Mounted Hydro Jetting Machine Will Clear Tree Roots

If the clog keeps recurring after clearing it, then the plumber’s snake is not clearing the drain completely, or you have tree roots that thrive on the raw sewage. You could also have a broken sewer line. The first thing to do is to run a camera inspection to identify the problem. If the problem is tree roots, a truck-mounted hydro jetting machine will clear the roots leaving your drains crystal clean. Be mindful that there are some things to consider; for example, tree roots will continue to return unless the source of the problem is removed or you have a Cured In Place Pipe installed (CIPP). A CIPP pipe liner is a thick epoxy resin liner that takes the shape of your sewer pipe. It becomes a pipe within a pipe and will have a life expectancy of 50 years or more.

Capable Of Dispensing Up To 4000 PSI

Hydro jetting your drains is the most potent form of residential drain cleaning there is. But don’t be misled, not all hydro jetters are equal. You may call a plumber to clear a severely clogged drain. They will claim to provide hydro jetting services only to touting a cart with a hydro jetter attached. These small machines are only suitable for small clogs. At Big B’s Plumbing, we use one of the most sought after hydro jetting machines on the market, the US Jetting #4018.  It can dispense up to 4000 pounds of water pressure per minute (PSI). Rarely will that much PSI be needed, but it’s there if necessary. It will clear grease, roots, sludge, and more.  It’s perfect for residential, and now businesses so request it by name. 

Hydro Jetters

We Always Look For The Most Cost-Effective Way Of Clearing A Drain

The hydro jetting machine is truck-mounted and equipped with a 500-foot hose. It’s always our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations, and the hydro jetter does just that. Our technicians will look for the most cost-effective way to clear a drain, so a plumber’s snake is still their first option. However, when snaking a drain is ineffective, that’s when your technician will request a camera inspection to view the blockage and bring in the hydro jetter when necessary. Snaking a drain is still an ideal cost-effective method of clearing a drain, and it will alert your technician of a bigger problem.

Hydro Jetting Will Leave Your Drains Sparkling Clean

Snaking a drain is usually the first go-to solution for clearing a clogged drain but it may not remove everything from your drains. For example, it will not remove minerals, grease, and sludge from the lining ofyour pipes. Hydro jetting your drains will not only remove the clog, but it will also remove any minerals, grease, or sludge buildup in the pipe, leaving your drains clean of any residue. 

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