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Top Recommendations For An Energy-Efficient Home

What would your energy-efficient home look like? Let’s dream a little bit, and imagine what the perfect home would look like from a plumbing standpoint. Let’s stay reasonable, but we’ll focus on energy efficiency other than cost. With that said, we’ll make some comparisons. For example, we will compare high-quality storage tank water heaters with tankless water heaters. Let’s first set the stage. We’re moving into an old home, and the appliances are old. You’ve decided to upgrade everything from water heaters to dishwashers, including fixtures. We’re shooting for the perfect house for plumbing efficiency.

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Water Heater Can Be 24-34% More Energy Efficient

Energy Star tankless water heater can save a significant amount of power compared to old-model storage tank heaters. This is because tankless water heaters work by heating water on demand as it passes through a heat exchanger rather than continuously heating and storing a large volume of water in a tank. This means tankless water heaters use less energy to heat water because they do not have to maintain the temperature of stored water constantly.

According to Energy Star, tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more energy-efficient than storage tank water heaters for homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily. For homes that use more hot water, the energy savings can still be significant, but the percentage may be lower. Additionally, because tankless water heaters are smaller and more compact than storage tank water heaters, they save space in the home.

Energy efficient Navian Tankless water heater

Actual Savings Is Based On Several Factors

The actual energy savings will depend on the size and usage patterns of the household, the efficiency of the specific models being compared, and the cost of power in the area. In general, Energy Star tankless water heaters are a more energy-efficient and cost-effective option for heating water in many households. In addition, replacing your old water heater with the newest storage tank would also be an energy-saving option. It would cost far less to install. 

The Enviro Filtration System Uses No Electricity

Next, we would install an Enviro Filtration System in our home. The system provides excellent drinking water and preserves your pipes and appliances, including your water heater. You can also say goodbye to those scales on your glass shower doors. The Enviro Filtration System uses no electricity or salt and is maintenance-free.

An Enviro Water Filtration System Offers A Wide Range Of Benefits, including:

  1. Improved Water Quality: Enviro water filtration systems are designed to remove impurities and contaminants from your water, such as sediment, chlorine, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals. This will result in cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water.
  2. Cost-Effective: Using an Enviro water filtration system can be more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water or relying on a water delivery service. It can also help you reduce plumbing repairs and appliance replacement costs.
  3. Eco-Friendly: By reducing the number of plastic bottles you use, an Enviro water filtration system can help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  4. Convenience: With an Enviro water filtration system, you can access clean water 24/7 without needing additional trips to the store or the hassle of lifting heavy water bottles.
  5. Health Benefits: Drinking filtered water can help support your overall health and well-being by providing your body with the clean and pure water it needs to function properly.
  6. Better-Tasting Beverages: Clean, filtered water can make a big difference in the taste of coffee, tea, and other beverages, providing a more enjoyable drinking experience.

Overall, an Enviro water filtration system can be an excellent investment in your health, finances, and the environment. It would provide a range of benefits that can improve your daily life.

 Enviro water filtration system

ENERGY STAR Certified Dishwasher Costs About $35 A Year To Run

Now let’s move into the kitchen. We’ll start with the dishwasher. An ENERGY STAR-certified dishwasher costs about thirty-five dollars a year to run. Most importantly, it will save, on average, over thirty-eight hundred gallons of water over its lifespan. Not only will a homeowner see the savings in their bottom line, but the environment also benefits. An ENERGY STAR-certified dishwasher will deliver cutting-edge energy efficiency and the latest in technology without ever giving up on performance. 

A Certified Energy Star Dishwasher Can Improve Efficiency in Your Home in Several Ways:

  1. Big Savings: Energy Star-certified dishwashers are designed to use less power than standard models, which can result in lower energy bills over time. They typically use advanced technologies to reduce water consumption. They heat the water more efficiently, resulting in less energy usage overall.
  2. Water Savings: Energy Star-certified dishwashers are designed to use less water than standard models. This means you can save both water and money on your water bill.
  3. High Performance: Energy Star-certified dishwashers are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet high standards for cleaning and drying performance. This means they are just as effective at cleaning your dishes as standard models while using less water and energy.
  4. Reduced Carbon Footprint: By using less power and water, Energy Star-certified dishwashers can help you reduce your household’s carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  5. Better for the Environment: Energy Star-certified dishwashers also use fewer resources and create less waste, which can improve the environment overall.

Overall, an Energy Star-certified dishwasher can provide significant energy and water savings while still providing effective cleaning performance. As a result, it can be an excellent investment for your home, wallet, and the environment.

You’ll Use 20% Less Water Than The Average Showerhead or Faucets

Replace all faucets, showerheads, and aerators in your bathrooms and kitchen with new WaterSense-labeled ones. You’ll use 20% less water than the average showerheads and faucets while providing equal or superior performance. By outfitting your home with WaterSense-labeled faucets, a household can stand to save roughly 3,500 gallons of water and approximately 410 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. 

Save Money Save Water with Energy Efficient Low flow shower heads

ENERGY STAR Guarantees Rigorously Tested Products

The next appliance we need to address is our washing machine. Consumers, beware, not every washing machine says energy-efficient, actually is. If you’re researching online, companies will say whatever they have to for the purpose of driving traffic to whatever they’re selling. However, an Energy Star certified washer guarantees that the products have been rigorously tested to meet the energy efficiency standards required without ever giving up on performance. 

There are several benefits of using an ENERGY STAR tested washing machine, including:

  1. Energy savings: Energy Star certified washing machines are designed to use less power than standard models. According to Energy Star, these machines use 25% less energy and 33% less water than conventional models. This can lead to significant savings on your utility bills over time.
  2. Better performance: Energy Star certified washing machines ensure rigorous testing and excellent cleaning performance while using less power and water. This means you can enjoy the same level of clean clothes as you would with a traditional washing machine but with added savings.
  3. Longer lifespan: Energy Star certified washing machines typically get built to higher standards, with better quality parts and materials. It can lead to a longer lifespan for the machine, which means that you can avoid the cost and hassle of replacing it as often.
  4. Environmental benefits: By using less energy and water, Energy Star certified washing machines help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option than traditional washing machines.
  5. Rebates and incentives: Many utility companies and government agencies offer rebates and incentives for purchasing Energy Star certified washing machines. It can help offset the machine’s cost, making it a more affordable option.
Energy Star Washer

Technology Allows For Excellent Performance While Saving 20%

While we’ve been addressing appliances, it’s time to discuss our favorite fixture – “our toilet.” Everyone’s toilet should now be 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) which was made mandatory by law in the early ’90s. However, some toilet makers have exceeded expectations, such as American Standard high-efficiency toilets (HETs). They use 1.28 GPF with fewer clogs. The technology provides excellent performance while saving 20% over the mandatory 1.6 GPF models. Others have followed suit; names like Kohler and Toto have all come out with their version of ultra-high-efficiency toilets

High-efficiency toilets (HETs) offer several benefits over traditional toilets, including:

  1. Water savings: HETs use less water per flush than traditional toilets, typically 1.28 gallons per flush GPF or less, compared to the standard 1.6 GPF. This can lead to significant water savings over time, which can help to reduce water bills and conserve this precious resource.
  2. Energy savings: In addition to water savings, HETs also use less power to transport water through pipes and sewage systems. This can help to reduce your power bills and lower overall energy consumption.
  3. Improved performance: HETs are designed to provide excellent flushing performance, despite using less water. Many models feature advanced flushing technology, such as pressure-assisted or gravity-assisted systems, to ensure that waste is removed effectively with each flush.
  4. Reduced maintenance: HETs are less prone to clogs and other plumbing problems than traditional toilets. This is because they use less water per flush, so less waste and debris will get stuck in the pipes.
  5. Environmental benefits: By using less water and energy, HETs help to reduce the environmental impact of flushing toilets. It can help to conserve water resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect natural habitats.

Overall, high-efficiency toilets can provide significant benefits in terms of water and energy savings, improved performance, and reduced maintenance. As a result, they are an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money on utility bills over time.

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