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What Can I Expect From Video Camera Pipe Inspection?

Clogged drains come in all different shapes and sizes from minor sink and shower drains to kitchen drains. The most common clog is your toilet, and rightly so, your toilet drain is the most commonly used drainpipe in the house. Comparatively, your sewer line gets the heaviest use because all drain pipes in your home drain through your sewer main. Some clogs may need a video camera inspection to get to the root of the problem, no pun intended.  By no means does every clogged drain need a video camera inspection; in fact, very few require one. For those drains that do require a one, it allows your plumber to identify the problem with accuracy and precision. Once the issue is identified, your plumbing technician can fix the problem without any guesswork. It also makes it easy for them to ensure the same problem does not recur.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection


Recurring Drain Problems

Do you have recurring drain problems? If so, you need a video camera inspection completed on your drains. It’s high likelihood you have root intrusions. You’ll never know until you’re able to see down your drain firsthand.

A Camera Inspection Will Diagnosis The Problem

A camera inspection will pinpoint the problem and tell your technician how far down the issue is and if the pipes are collecting debris that will soon turn into a clog. Homeowners think their pipes will last forever, and the fact is, they will not. Most pipes will last 40 to 70 years of use, especially here in California, where hard water is such a factor. A camera inspection could help you identify a potential problem before it becomes a major issue. For example, while you may not have a leak now, a camera inspection can warn a homeowner of possible issues they may face down the road, such as corrosion. While it’s a minor issue now, it can lead to breaks and leaks down the road. It will empower a homeowner to make the right decisions to keep your drain lines in good working order.

A Homeowner Can See Firsthand What’s Taking Place

Unfortunately, many homeowners know little about video camera pipe inspections. A plumber’s inspection equipment is designed to inspect pipes from 1 to 300 feet. The camera features a stainless steel medical quality camera head that can navigate corners seamlessly. Your technician can move through the sewer line and view the entire route as they make their way to the main city line. During the process, the camera can detect tree roots, debris, and broken pipes. An extra bright led light leads the way through the pipeline. The camera head, monitor, and recorder will record and track any damage or debris. The recorded information allows for the homeowner to see firsthand what is taking place in their drain pipes.

What Kind Of Issues Can Video Pipe Inspection Address?

A video pipe inspection is highly useful for a diagnosing tool for underground inspection services. Apart from detecting leaks, obstructions, and breaks, video pipe inspection can:

  • Trace non-detectable storm and sanitary laterals
  • Pinpoint grease clogs and build-up
  • Determine the grade, depth, and layout of sewer and utility pipes
  • Trace the point of root intrusion
  • Verify if current sewer and plumbing conditions conform to regulations

When It Is Recommended

If purchasing a home, it’s recommended that a routine video camera inspection of your pipes and sewer main should be included in your home inspection. This is crucial especially when you’re buying an older home.  When sewer lines develop problems, the results may not be noticed for some time. For example, if the mainline has cracks or if roots have invaded your sewer line the problem would not be noticeable for some time.  You could purchase a home and be stuck with an expensive plumbing issue if you don’t insist on your pipes being inspected. For peace of mind, contact your Big B’s Plumbing contractor license #986152 to assess your potential home purchase.

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3 thoughts on “What Can I Expect From Video Camera Pipe Inspection?”

  1. I thought it was interesting when you mentioned that video cameras can be used to find grease clogs that might exist in pipes. It seems like a restaurant would want to have its pipes and grease trap inspected with a video inspection at least once a month. That way problems can be solved before they become big issues and cause damage.

  2. When you mentioned that it’s better to include video pipe inspection before buying a house, it really captured my interest. I’ve been thinking of moving to the countryside and I want to find the perfect place to live in. I’ll consider this option when dealing with an expert regarding this matter later.

  3. Its great when you said that a video pipe inspection can trace non-detectable storm and sanitary laterals. The pipe in my kitchen is stinking and my mom told me to call a plumber for help. I am not sure how to fix the problem myself so I would need to speak to a professional plumber to help me fix my pipe or sewer problem. Thanks loads for the article!

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