Truck Mounted Hydro Jetting Machine

When Is Hydro Jetting Necessary?

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The hydro jetter is, by far, one of the most common modern plumbing tools. The hydro jetter is the most powerful drain cleaning tool on the planet. It goes well beyond what any other drain cleaning auger could go. When is hydro jetting necessary and how does this powerful machine work?

How It Works

It looks simple, but it isn’t. A plumber first feeds a thin, high-pressure hose through the sewer pipe. The process of hydro jetting is used in conjunction with a camera inspection. The hose has a special nozzle designed to spray out water at 360° which is why all parts of the interior pipes get blasted, leaving your drains crystal clean. The impact is strong enough to ensure gunk and debris get cleared with ease, including tree roots.

Truck Mounted Hydro Jetting Machine

Hydro Jetting and Drain Cleaning

A drain auger can come in handy any time you have a significant clog in your drains. The auger, also known as a plumber snake, will remove the clog. It will undoubtedly leave behind other residues and debris in the lining of the drains and the sewer lines. Remnants of grease and sludge inside the drains will also remain intact, allowing waste to accumulate until another clog forms. Have your plumber hydro-jet your drains thoroughly, so you can be confident that your sewer main will be free of grease and sludge.

Jetting Your Drains May Not Be Necessary

If all you want is to get your drains flowing again, then hydro jetting may not be necessary. There are stubborn clogs caused by grease, sludge, and tree roots. These types of clogs should call for hydro jetting. Hydro jetting cannot only remove a clog, but it can also prevent one from cropping up again in the near future. Hydro jetting goes beyond clearing clogs.

Slow Draining Pipes

It almost sounds like a no-brainer, and it is, to some extent. Strangely enough, some homeowners often fail to recognize a drain issue before it becomes a significant problem. When you notice your drains are slow-moving, that’s the time to take action. That’s the proverbial red flag that it’s time to clear your drainpipes. With a professional plumber, your drains and sewer lines won’t just be clean, they’ll also be camera inspected for other underlying issues whenever the hydro jetters used.

Noisy Drain Pipes – Ticking, Screeching, Hissing and Gurgling

Your drain line should not sound like a well-scripted horror movie. All the unusual sounds mentioned above often stem from a blocked or clogged vent stack. Interestingly, with all it does, the vent stack is undoubtedly the most forgotten and the most ignored, plumbing component in sewer and drains systems. It is a sturdy pipe that extends to the roof from the sewer system. The sewer vent serves the purposes of getting rid of noxious fumes and gases. As simple as it sounds, no sewer system is complete without it.

Not All Hydro Jetters Are The Same

There are some concerns about hydro jetters since they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to note that while the smaller units work well on grease and sludge, they cannot cut through tree roots. You still have the benefit of a cleared drain, as well as a clean drain. Smaller units can apply up to 1750 pounds per inch (PSI) of water, while other truck-mounted hydro jetters can reach as much as 4000 PSI, which is capable of cutting through tree roots with ease. It’s always good to ask your plumbing company if they have a truck-mounted hydro jetter if you suspect your slow-moving drain is due to tree roots.

Hydro jetting machine
When Is It Best To Jet Your Drains?

Getting back to the original question, when is it best to hydro jet your drain? It’s always the home or business owner’s choice whether to hydro jet or snake their drains. Your plumbing technician will usually use a plumber’s snake to unclog your drain first, before moving on to the jetting machine. Cost is also a factor for most homeowners because jetting your pipes cost slightly more. Your plumber will do whatever they can to remove the obstruction with a plumber’s snake before moving on to the hydro jetter. In most cases, businesses that know of hydro jetting will usually request it by name, especially restaurants. License #986152

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  1. Thomas Clarence

    It was really informative when you talked about how hydro jetting is used for clearing clogs in your pipes that are caused by grease and sludge. I would imagine that businesses that serve food like restaurants would need to rely on hydro jetting since grease probably gets put down water drains all the time. It seems like hydro jetting is a preventative method that is much more affordable than having to replace damaged pipes.

  2. I like how you said that slow draining pipes are a sign they need hydro-jetting. The pipes at my parent’s house drain very slowly. I will have to recommend that they hire a hydro-jetting service to help.

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