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What’s Considered A Plumbing Emergency In Murrieta, CA.

Most of us will admit that Americans are a little impatient. When something breaks, we want it fixed now. For example, if our water heater broke down and it was no longer producing hot water, some people might consider that a plumbing emergency. Others wouldn’t have a second thought about waiting until the next day for service, especially if they could save a few bucks and not have to pay the after-hours rate. Every situation is different, and every person’s tolerance varies. So, what a plumbing emergency is to one person might be a cakewalk to another. 

A Plumbing Emergency That Cannot Wait

There are those plumbing emergencies that can’t wait another moment, such as a flooded area in the home caused by a water leak. Whether the water is coming from the slab, a broken pipe in the laundry room, or a broken pipe in the wall, these plumbing problems must be handled quickly. Free-standing water is a health risk because, under ideal conditions, mold can germinate and grow in 24 to 48 hours. If there is a pipe leak that’s caused significant drywall damage, then removing the drywall and stopping the leakage is your only option.

A Slab Leak Needs Quick Service Before More Damage Can Occur

Another pipe leak that needs immediate attention is a slab leak. A slab leak is a water leak that develops in or beneath your home’s foundation. In most cases, the water pipes are made of copper. Your home’s foundation is typically concrete, upon which the rest of your home is constructed. The water lines are often found underneath the slab, however, in certain structures, they actually get incorporated into the slab. If left unattended, slab leaks can result in major issues such as cracks in your walls and foundation, increased water bills, unpleasant odors, poor water pressure, uneven flooring, and even the possible shifting and sinking of your home. A slab leak is definitely a plumbing emergency. 


A Slab Leak Is A Plumbing Emergency

Gas Leaks Are Another Plumbing Emergency

A gas leak is another severe plumbing emergency. Most of us know the smell of natural gas, it has that distinct smell of rotten eggs. We’ve all been guilty of leaving the gas on without it igniting and encountering that nasty smell. When you smell gas, whether in or outside your home, remove yourself from the area without using any appliances or cell phone. Once you have a significant distance from the area, call 911 and your gas company. If the gas leak comes from your home, you should contact your plumbing contractor to make any necessary gas line repairs. 


Natural Gas Leak Is An Obvious Plumbing Emergency

Some homeowners still need to learn that their local plumbing contractor is responsible for gas line installations and repairs. So if you smell the obnoxious smell of natural gas, take quick action. Natural gas by itself does not smell, it’s the chemical mercaptan that’s added to the natural gas that gives it the strong smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. Without the additive mercaptan, no telling how many lives would have been lost to gas poisoning.

Is A Backed Up Sewer Line A Plumbing Emergency?

A backed-up sewer line could be a plumbing emergency, especially if it overflows onto your bathroom floors and becomes a health risk. Unlike a standard clogged toilet or drain, a clogged sewer line is the standard connection to which all waste lines flow. In almost every case, a clogged sewer line will prevent every sink or toilet from draining the way it should. However, in some cases, if your drains and toilets are moving slowly, then your plumbing emergency could be downgraded and can wait for normal business hours for service. But either way, the customer needs to make the call. 

Beware because a backed-up sewer line can also be a little unpredictable. For example, showering, washing clothes, or running a dishwasher can make your sewer main backup. So before you decide to put off your sewer line repair, consider this you should only use your water sparingly.

So Is A Broken Water Heater A Plumbing Emergency? It Could Be!

And then there is that broken water heater. Is it a plumbing emergency or another plumbing repair? We’ve always said in the case of a broken water heater, only the customer will decide if they need it repaired after hours. For some, a cold shower is unthinkable, but others don’t mind taking a cold shower for a day. So we call it a case-by-case water heater issue. At Big B’s Plumbing, we keep a full inventory of water heaters, and we’re ready to move on short notice.     

A leaking Water Heater Is A Plumbing Emergency

We Take Emergency Plumbing Calls 24/7

Most plumbing companies have a flat rate for after-hours calls. Plumbing companies have to employ a call center to take your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Then, they have plumbers on call, ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice. If your plumbing company gets the call on Christmas day, your plumber will leave their family to serve the customer. Additionally, most plumbing companies reward their plumbing technicians more for the after-hours calls. Most consumers think a plumbing emergency is after business hours, but most are during business hours which is usually 7 to 7. 

Suppose you have a plumbing emergency during business hours. In that case, Big B’s Plumbing has a team of top-notch customer care agents that will quickly and professionally guild you through the process and have an emergency plumber dispatched ASAP. Our dispatch center and trucks are located in Murrieta, CA. We serve Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Temecula, Canyon Lake, Menifee, Sun City, And Northern San Diego.    

A Plumbing Emergency Is Up To The Customer

In the end, the decision for an after-hours emergency plumbing service is the customer’s decision. If the customer wants the convenience of a late-night plumbing expert, whether or not the job merits it, that’s completely OK, as long as they’re willing to pay the extra fee. In many cases, the customer wants the problem resolved now, regardless of the time of day. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’re ready to take your call 24/7 with the fast, fair, friendly service you would expect. License #986152

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