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When Is It Time To Call Your Plumber?

The big question is, “When is it time to call your plumber?” Of course, we know the obvious, such as a broken water heater, pipe leak, slab leak, or clogged sewer line. These are all cases in which you need to call your plumber. Consequently, there are those gray areas when we would rather wait and see if the problem goes away; for instance, a slow-moving drain, low water pressure, sewage smell in the yard, or the need to continually plunge your toilets. The fact is, our plumbing system will not last forever. It requires maintenance, repairs, and at times, upgrades.

Slow Moving Drains, Call My Plumber

Are your toilets backing up for no reason? Are your sinks draining slowly? Then it’s time to call your plumbing contractor. Slow-moving drains are a sign that your main sewer line is backing up. If not corrected soon, the entire line will eventually clog, causing more than just a plumbing problem but also a health risk. Getting your sewer line inspected and cleared won’t break the bank. In some cases, a hydro-jetting machine gets brought in for severe drains; its powerful drain clearing abilities will remove everything in the path, including tree roots. Put away the plunger and call your plumber for fast-moving drains.

Low Water Pressure

Are you living with low water pressure? While it’s true that low water pressure could be the sign of a bigger problem, such as your home may need repiping, but in many cases, the problem may be much simpler than you may think. For example, a water leak or your water meter slightly turned to “Off” can cause low water pressure. Additionally, a water heater shut-off valve and a water heater blockage within your lines can cause low water pressure to your hot water. Low water pressure’s biggest culprit is your pressure-reducing (PRV) valve. You can adjust the valve for more or less pressure. Sometimes, the valve itself will need replacing. At the very least, call your plumbing contractor. The problem may be smaller than you initially thought. As strange as it may sound, good water pressure is part of a good quality of life.

Low Water Pressure, call your plumber

Sewage Smell In My Front Yard

Have you put up with the sewage smell in your front yard long enough? When you’re smelling sewage, your sewer lines are probably broken. In addition to the sewage smell, you’ll usually see an area of grass that’s much greener than the rest. Fixing a broken sewer line is critical because of the obvious health concerns. The line will eventually attract roots because of the nutrients in the sewage. The sewer line will ultimately clog and will affect the whole household. Most sewer line repairs get repaired using the latest trenchless sewer line repair technology. The process used to repair the old sewer line will not damage the surrounding landscape. 

A Slab Leak Is Another Reason To Call Your Plumber

A slab leak is another reason to call your plumber. The problem with slab leaks is they rarely show up until some damage has already been done. Some signs of a slab leak: damaged hardwood and lament flooring, wet carpet, warm areas on your floor, and dark spots in your garage. Additionally, you may hear the hissing sound of running water or experience puddling around your home. However, a higher-than-average water bill is one of the best ways to catch a slab leak. If you suspect you may have a slab leak, then it’s time to call your plumber at Big B’s Plumbing. We have the experts ready to get your slab repaired using the latest equipment and techniques. 

Slab leak, call your plumber

Everyone Has Their Talents, However, Plumbing Repairs Might Not Be One Of Them

If you live in the Inland Empire or northern San Diego, you know first-hand the importance of a good plumbing company in your corner. Although minor but very important, those other services such as installing an appliance, toilet, or faucets can also be a good reason to call your plumber. Some of us do-it-yourselfers (DYI) take for granted how easy some of these projects are; however, a large segment of our population cannot complete minor plumbing tasks. That’s fine. I remember a neighbor once said that her dad was a doctor, and he could remove your appendix, but he couldn’t drive a nail into a piece of wood. The point is, we all have our gifts and talents. For some, it is better to call your plumber. 

You Should Always Know When To Call Your Plumber

If we stop to think about how long we will have our fixtures and appliances, we might have second thoughts about installing them ourselves. While minor repairs are fine for the average homeowner, items like clearing a minor drain or repairing a toilet flapper. It is a perfect place to start doing your repairs, but know when to say, “It’s not for me,” if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, most plumbing companies have their share of horror stories about the DIYer project that went terribly wrong. The moral of the story is to know when to call in reinforcements. 

There Is A Bright Side To Plumbing Services

Let’s look at the brighter side of plumbing. For example, maybe you finally broke for that Navien tankless on-demand water heater, and you’ll definitely want to call your plumber for expert installation. The same goes for any water heater installation. Some water heater companies will not certify the warranty if it were not installed by a plumbing contractor. Some manufacturers have taken it a step further and require plumbing contractors to get certified for the water heater installation. Whatever the case, know when to call your plumber. 

Navien Trenchless On-Demand Water Heaters, call your plumber for installation

Your Reliable Plumbing Company

If you live in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, or surrounding areas in the Inland Empire and northern San Diego, have our number 951-397-0360 on speed dial for any plumbing emergency or repair. From the moment you reach our call center, you’ll know you are in good hands. When you need a reliable plumbing company to meet all your plumbing needs, call the experts at Big B’s Plumbing today. We’re an accredited A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau, along with top-notch reviews from Facebook, Google plus, and Yelp!. 

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  1. It’s good to know that you should call a plumber if you noticed damage from a slab leak. My mother called me last night and said that she thinks she found damage in one of the slabs in her basement. She said she would like to call a plumber asap to help her take care of it before it gets worse.

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