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Extend The Life Of Your Garbage Disposal

Big B's Plumbing is your garbage disposal repair service and Garbage Disposal Repair Service and Installationinstallation company. Unlike some appliances, we use our garbage disposals every day. Year after year we depend on them and then one day out of the blue they stop working. Most appliances give us a warning, not so with our garbage disposal. The average lifespan of a garbage disposal is 12 years. That number can be extended 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Simple Ways To Troubleshoot Your Garbage Disposal

There are only a couple of things that can go wrong with your garbage disposal. If you flip the switch for the garbage disposal and you don't hear any sound, then the problem exists with the electrical. Here are a few quick tips before calling your plumber: We know this sounds obvious, but make sure there is power.  Is your disposal plugged in? Is your breaker switched on? If that checks out, then press the red reset button on the bottom of your disposal. The red button is what operates the built-in circuit breaker. When the red button is slightly popped out, it means the circuits tripped. Push the button in; hopefully, that gets your disposal back on track.

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Your Garbage Disposal Repair, Service and Installation Company

Before you call Big B's Plumbing garbage disposal repair service and installation specialists, we have another money saving tip to get that garbage disposal back on track. If your disposal is buzzing but not grinding, in most cases, there's something lodged in your impeller or inner flywheel. Without knowing, silverware, a coin, bottle cap, bone or even a nail will find its way into our disposal and before we can shut it down, it gets lodged. Turn your motor off. Running the disposal with it jammed can cause your motor to burn up. DON'T STICK YOUR HAND DOWN YOUR DISPOSAL. First, try a wooden spoon or the handle of a plunger. Put the handle down the drain and try to dislodge what's stuck by using the handle as a lever. The flywheel once dislodged will move freely.

All garbage disposals come with an allen wrench/hex wrench when you purchase them. The purpose of the wrench is to dislodge anything that might become lodged in the disposal. If you insert the wrench into the bottom of the flywheel and turn it clockwise, this should dislodge anything that's in the disposal. Once the item is dislodged, you can remove it with a shop vac, or magnet, if the item is metal.

Don't Wait To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Most people wait until an appliance breaks down before they replace them. In the case of your garbage disposal, it's one of the least expensive appliances to replace when compared to a refrigerator, dishwasher or water heater. You can purchase one for $100 - $200 without installation. Also, you can splurge and get one with all the bells and whistles for a bit more.

Turn to Big B's Plumbing for all your Garbage Disposal repair service and installation.


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