The Good & Bad On Liquid Drain Cleaners

No plumbing company is ever going to recommend liquid drain cleaners. We hear endless stories on how bad they are for our water pipes and the environment. But the fact is, some of the top brands such as Drano®, and Liquid Plumber® has proven to be effective in clearing small clogs, as well as being safe for our pipes and the environment. On the contrary, there are many off-brand drain cleaners that can be harmful to both your pipes and the environment. Don’t skimp on purchasing a quality drain cleaner, thoroughly read the label before you use the product. With that said, there are organic ways of clearing a small bathroom drain as well, such as a combination of baking soda and vinegar.drain cleaners

Drain Cleaners Should Only Be Used On Slow Moving Bathroom Drains

Drain cleaners should only be used on small, slow-moving drains to remove minor clogs caused by soap, hair, toothpaste and other bathroom products. It should never be put down a toilet because it could cause damage to the wax ring. Drain cleaning for a plumbing company is like going to a mechanic for an oil change. There are minimal margins in drain cleaning for your plumbing company unless it’s a significant sewer line; however, it helps them build their business so they are eager to do an excellent job.

A Zip-It Is A Good Tool For Cleaning Bathroom Drains

There is another option for cleaning slow moving drains, and that’s called a Zip- It. It’s a long flexible plastic tool with barbs that easily fits down your drain. It costs about $7.50 and can be purchased on Amazon or at your local hardware store. When you slide it down your drain, the barbs catch the hair and debris. Like a plunger, you can use it many times over, and it becomes a handy household tool. For significant drains such as a backed up sewer line or toilet that won’t drain after all attempts with a plunger, it will require an auger, also known as a plumbers snake. In the worst case, hydro jetting your drain will be required, and that’s done by your local plumbing company.   


  • Only use a quality-branded drain cleaning solution on slow-moving drains.
  • A mix of vinegar and baking soda is an excellent organic solution.
  • A Zip-It is also a useful tool to clear your bathroom sink drain.
  • Never use drain cleaning solutions in your toilet.
  • Never use off branded products for drain cleaning.
  • For severely clogged drains, consult your plumbing company.

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