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3 Questions To Ask Your Plumber Before Work Starts

Plumbing problems rarely occur, but when they do, we’re usually not prepared. First, we scramble to find the right plumber and then start making phone calls. A large number of plumbers don’t even answer their phones. The process of finding the correct plumber can be somewhat frustrating. Whether it’s a clogged drain, broken water heater, or garbage disposal that has seen its final day, we want the problem handled ASAP. For some homeowners, it’s just about the cost. For the vast majority, they want to know that their plumbing problem is dealt with by a professional company with a guarantee. They’re willing to pay slightly more and can appreciate having someone answer their phone call.  If a home or business owner retains a plumbing company, what questions should he ask them?

Are You A Licensed Plumber Or Plumbing Company?

The first question is, “Are you a licensed plumbing contractor?” It’s important to remember that not all plumbers or plumbing companies that say that they have a contractor’s license really do. A home or business owner can check the status of a license by checking the contractor’s State License Board (CSLB). With just a couple of clicks, you can have the information you’re looking for.

At Big B’s Plumbing, we are not only a licensed plumbing company, we go to great lengths to notify potential customers that our license is current and without blemish. We’ve retained a third-party company called, The Seal, to hold us accountable by verifying our license, bond, and insurance annually.

Plumber Background Check

Are You Bonded And Insured?

While asking for a contractor’s license is the most critical question, asking if a company is insured and bonded is a short second. Additionally, you’ll want to know if those making the repairs have workers’ compensation. While problems rarely happen, mistakes and accidents do take place. The website can also verify insurance, bond, and workers’ compensation.

With that said, The Seal confirms that every customer that all owners and employees have been background checked. This shows the credibility of the company. Each has an employee card that shows they’ve been tested.

Do Owners And Employees Have Background Checks?

Does your company background check your plumbers’ background? In our day and age, home and business owners will want to know who will be working in their home or business. A sex offender and criminal background check can give a customer the peace of mind they need.

Any business owner or employee who interacts with any family member, business or employee has received a sex offender and criminal background check by The Seal. Furthermore, an employee photo ID is issued confirming the check. There is no more guessing about who exactly is coming into your home.


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2 thoughts on “3 Questions To Ask Your Plumber Before Work Starts”

  1. It made sense when you said to ask if they’re licensed. My friend needs to hire a plumber for water leak detection. I’ll encourage her to use these questions when choosing one to hire!

  2. Thanks for the list of questions to ask a plumber before hiring. My toilet started leaking and I am worried about it getting everywhere. I’ll have to hire a plumber that can fix it quickly.

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