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4 Reasons Why I Bought A Bidet

When the coronavirus hit, things got crazy quick. To my surprise, it was the toilet paper that was flying off the shelves like never before. Here we are over a month into Covid-19, and our shelves are still without toilet paper. Costco has an employee rationing the toilet paper to its customers. I would have never guessed the fear of being without toilet paper would be at the top of most people’s list. We have a close friend that had 59 rolls and was still worried about running out. Who would have ever thought in a million years that toilet paper would be an issue during unknown times? Well, I have some good news for you. You can buy a bidet, and you’ll never have to worry about toilet paper again. There is so much good that can come out of bad situations, and this could be one of those things.

I’ll Never Be Stressed About Not Having Toilet Paper

I didn’t want to fight the crowds over toilet paper, so I bought a bidet. The reality is, using toilet paper seems the norm for people living in the US, including myself, but in some countries, bidets are a common household item. I had considered a bidet in the past because I read an article on what toilet paper was doing to the Boreal Forests in Canada. When Covid-19 struck and our shelves got depleted of toilet paper, it was a no brainer. After I ordered my bidet, I took the time to do more research and concluded that using a bidet is by far more sanitary than wiping. A bidet uses water pressure to clean, similar to a shower, and a soft towel for drying. Toilet paper wipes never clean the area thoroughly.

Dr. Partha Nandi, whose mission is to achieve global health said, “Regular bidet use has shown to reduce a person’s risk of hemorrhoids since toilet paper can be very irritating.”

I’ll Save Money By Owning A Bidet

Toilet paper is a complete waste of money. The average person spends nearly $10 a month on toilet paper for a family of four. That’s $480 per year and that could go up if you have teenagers :-). One article said that one person would spend $8,400 on toilet paper over a lifetime; for many, that would mean they would have to work a month and a half to pay for a lifetime of toilet paper. You can take the $480 you would save as a household and buy two nice bidets, one for each bathroom along with washable towelettes and make it a family affair. Owning a bidet just makes sense. Like any change, it requires making adjustments and changing perspectives. With owning a bidet, there is a learning curve.

I’ll Save The Environment By Owning A Bidet

The average household in America uses approximately one hundred pounds of toilet paper a year. While we only make up just over 4% of the world’s population, we consume 20% of all the toilet paper. It’s unfortunate but the Boreal Forest in Canada is continually being cut down to meet the need for toilet paper in the US and around the world.

Cut Down Rain Forest

Why owning a bidet is better:

  • I will never run to the store in desperate need of toilet paper.
  • I’ll be proactive about saving the environment.
  • Owning a bidet is better for my health and will leave me cleaner.
  • I will save money and time by owning a bidet

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