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Smart Plumbing Technologies They’re Not For Everyone

We have to admit that the word, “smart” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Quite honestly, it has nothing to do with people. It wasn’t that long ago when people were the only thing called smart. Nowadays, products are called smart. What makes a product smart? According to Wikipedia, “A smart product is a data processing object, which has several interactive functions; it combines physical and software interfaces.” Similarly, the dictionary defines it this way, “programmed to be capable of some independent action”. We have smart missiles, smartphones, smart doorbells, smart cameras, smart lighting, and the list goes on. Additionally, many of our plumbing products have now gone smart.

Kohler Konnect

Kohler has Smart showering that allows you to create your own showering experience with Kohler Konnect. The technology will respond to the sound of your voice, allowing you to set your personalized stream of water, in addition to a lighting and music setting. It doesn’t stop there, to add to the showering experience, Kohler’s Moxie Voice smart showerhead speaker and voice assistant will let you hear quality crisp music while enjoying a hot shower.

U by Moen

Moen’s version of a smart shower is called U by Moen, which claims to transform the showering experience.  In particular, the app will enable you to set temperatures and much more, all while being connected to Amazon’s Alexa. Its features include four outlet valves, rainshower technology, multi-function body spray as well as an optional battery backup. The complete experience is voice-controlled.

Smart Plumbing Technologies


TOTO has its version of a smart toilet; and yes, toilets also make the smart plumbing list. For those that may forget to flush, the WASHLET® G400 – 1.28 GPF & 0.9 GPF toilet has an auto flush, so you do not have to touch the toilet. The smart thermostat gives you the power to set the temperature of the seat accurately. The idea behind the toilet is primarily hygienic. It will allow someone to experience going to the bathroom without ever touching the toilet. As a reminder, if you have to ask the cost, you can’t afford it.

Veil® Comfort Height®K-5401-PA-0

Kohler’s smart toilet is, in fact, intelligent and not smart, according to Kohler. This sculpted toilet called the Veil® is a work of art. The features include personal cleansing, night-light, hands-free opening/closing, heated seat, peak flush performance, hands-free opening/closing, and automatic flush, plus a touchscreen remote. The toilet lists at $5,300, but we can at least dream about it.

Delta® VoiceIQ™ Technology

Kitchen Faucets have made their way into smart plumbing technology. Delta’s smart faucets come with their trademark VoiceIQ™ technology. The product connects with your home devices, and on command provides you with the exact amount of water you need. For example, ask for one cup, six ounces, or any other measured amount, and your order is complete. Your voice activation feature voice can also turn your water on and off. Help Pages:

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