Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

Commercial plumbing emergencies can become a nightmare if not handled promptly and with precision. Depending on the plumbing issue it can interfere with business while becoming a safety issue for employees. At worst it can shut a business down. As business owners and managers, you need protocols for whatever emergency may come your way, especially during business hours.

Avoid Commercial Plumbing EmergenciesCommercial plumbing service in Riverside

To avoid commercial plumbing emergencies take care of small problems before they become large ones. If you’re a restaurant or supermarket, have your drain regularly cleaned and maintained. If you have a leak address it promptly. A dripping faucet doesn’t constitute a commercial plumbing emergency, but it does a concern for water conservation.

Know Your Plumber’s Priority Number

Major pipe leaks do occur in strip malls, office spaces, restaurants and other business establishments. Every business owner or manager must have common knowledge of shut off valves and emergency numbers. Having quick access to your plumber’s priority phone number is critical, and your commercial plumber must take calls 24/7 three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Beware of standing water this could mean a leak or a backed up sewer line. Standing water is just a hazard all the way around; it could cause slipping in addition to sanitation issues. Whenever free-standing water is present at a commercial location, call in your plumber immediately.

Water Heater Maintenance Is Advisable

Make sure you know where your water heater sits and know how to shut it off. Depending on your business having your water heater serviced and drained once a year is advisable. If your water heater breaks during business hours, call your commercial plumber immediately. In some cases, a water heater fix can be a small problem.

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