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Flo by Moen – The Latest Plumbing Technology

As technology continues to impact every part of the plumbing world, a new product has been introduced by Moen called Flo by Moen. Through years of research and development, Flo by Moen sets out to detect and stop leaks. That includes anything from a leaky toilet, shower, faucet, slab leak or a leak that’s behind the drywall. The smart water valve will monitor everything from one location. That means no unexpected water bills if something is leaking it will warn you on your smartphone.

Have It Installed By A Plumbing Professional

The product is best installed by a plumbing professional and will connect to the main water supply line in your home. Since the product is connected in-line, it will then allow for the smart water valve to audit the water flow. Additionally, the sensors will monitor water pressure and temperature. The smart water valve’s sophisticated algorithms work in conjunction with the sensors that enable Flo by Moen to protect your home by detecting water leaks and more.

Flo by Moen Works 24 / 7, 365 Day A Year

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10% of the homes in the U.S. have leaks. The average water leak is responsible for 10,000 gallons of water waste a year. Flo by Moen will never sleep; in fact, every night it will run a test to check the health of your system. The smart water valve can detect a leak as little as a drop a minute. The fact is, most homeowners don’t know they have a water leak. Water leaks usually go undetected until it is too late, and the damage is already done. In some cases, there will be a spike in your water bill that may be indicating a water leak. With the Flo By Moen, you’re notified on your smartphone of any leaks quickly.

The Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

The power is in the palm of your hand because your smartphone is command center central. Flo by Moen can shut your water off when you are anywhere in the world, assuming you are connected. If you’re out of town, no worries; you can check on your water usage right from your home. You can even connect with a plumber if it’s needed. What happens if you don’t have your phone with you? Flo by Moen still has you covered because it’s smart enough to shut off the water automatically should something significant happen.

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