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What’s The Scoop On Hard Water?

What’s the real scoop on hard water? Water is one of the most prominent topics of the 21st century. We either don’t have enough or what we do have is a threat to our health. Hard water in itself is not a health risk. So, what is “hard water?” It is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in our water. While it is a nuisance, it is not a health concern. The problem with hard water is the minerals get deposited on our fixtures, leaving a crusty build-up. Additionally, it causes our soaps and detergents to perform poorly.

You Can See And Feel The Effects Of Hard Water

As the degree of calcium and magnesium increases, the water hardness also increases. Our clothes are washed in hard water and can look shabby or may not feel as soft as they could. Hard water is also the reason our dishes and glasses are spotted when air-dried. Hard water is the reason for the film seen on faucets, sinks, shower doors, and bathtubs. In some cases, hair washed in hard water may feel drabby or dull. It’s also known to leave a sticky soap curd on the skin. Most families don’t know the difference because they’ve only ever known hard water.

Hard Water Is Bad For Plumbing

Hard water can wreak havoc on our plumbing, such as our water pipes. It has been known to build up in our pipes and constrict the flow of water. Granted, it may take 40 years, but it can really interfere with your water pressure. If you’re in an older home and your water pressure is slowing down throughout the house, it may be due to minerals built up in your pipes. It can also cause your hot water heater to slow down and not work efficiently. When the water is heated, it causes the calcium in the water to harden and settle at the bottom of the storage tank. It’s essential to flush your tank once a year as regular maintenance.

What’s The Problem with Tap Water?

While calcium and magnesium are nothing more than a nuisance, the main problem with our water today is all the other chemicals found in it. Most of the tainted water contaminants are nitrates from farming and naturally occurring arsenic. In California, twelve counties do not have safe drinking water. That’s a total of 718,000 people.

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How Many People Are Affected By Contaminated Drinking Water?

15 counties in California have clean drinking water for all its residents.
7 counties have fewer than 1 in 1000 residents affected by contaminated water.
12 counties have more than 1 in 1000 residents affected by contaminated water.
9 counties have more than 1 in 100 residents affected by contaminated water.

The solution for hard water is a water filtration system. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have you covered with two systems to choose from, either the halo filtration system or the enviro filtration system. Call today and get the service and value you deserve.

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