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Hard Water, Blah, Blah, Blah!

We’ve heard it a million times, California is notorious for hard water. My mom is almost 90 years old, and she drank Tab soda and faucet water for most of her life. She is still going strong. Some say that it won’t hurt you, while others say, it’s terrible for your health. One thing we do know is that it can wreak havoc on our pipes and water heaters over time. Most homeowners don’t know that they can extend the life of their water heater by providing annual maintenance. The maintenance includes flushing the hard water minerals built up in the storage tank. The sediment reduces the water heater’s energy efficiency. Avoid the problems and clean the tank once a year.

Evidence Of Calcium And Magnesium Is Noticeable

Over time the evidence of calcium and magnesium is noticeable on our fixtures and appliances. The scales, spots, and crust take shape when water is heated. The minerals precipitate and attach to the surfaces of our faucets and fixtures. Over many years under the right conditions, calcium and magnesium can even build up in our pipes and cause reduced water pressure and destroy our pipes.


Hard Water Is Bad For Sensitive Skin

An ion, which is an atom or molecule, reacts to the magnesium to create soap scum in your drains. Additionally, hard water doesn’t lather well with soap, and it prevents moisture from entering your hair. It’s also known to clog pores, and those that have delicate skin tend to have dry, itchy skin.

Don’t Drink The Water…If You Don’t Have To

What is the scoop on our drinking water? It depends on what county you live in and, in some cases, the city. For example, Riverside County reportedly has very low water quality, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG conducted water quality tests on 100 cities that exceeded 250,000 in population. They based the tests on the number of pollutants found in the water, and Riverside County came at the bottom of the list, 99th to be exact. EWG compiled the information from state agencies and public records.

The Water Won’t Kill You 😉

On the other hand, San Diego met with the legally mandated federal standards for safe drinking water. According to the EWG, legal does not mean safe. In their tests, they found eleven contaminants that exceeded safe levels. Fox 5 San Diego reported on a study of water in San Diego. According to the study, California was linked to cancer risks. One thing I found in common regarding all the tests, everything is based on many years of drinking the water. The research varied from one agency to agency. If you occasionally drink your tap water, I can assure you, it won’t kill you.

What’s The Solution?

Bottled water
Fill 5-gallon jugs of water at your local store
Water service come to your home
Water filtration system

At Big B’s Plumbing, we provide Enviro water filtration systems or Halo Premium Water Systems to San Diego, Inland Empire, and the greater Riverside County. Don’t buy another bottle of water, give your family the gift of a water filtration system. We also provide financing for 12 months, the same as cash or five years at 6.99% get the details.

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