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Should I Let My Plumber Decide?

Times have changed, and we don’t do business like we did 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Some things seem to have improved while others may like the old way of doing business. Many years ago we could do business on a handshake, that’s unheard of today. Should you let your plumber decide whether you need a new water heater, or can the old one get repaired? Do your pipes need replacing? Can your sewer line be repaired or does it need replacing? The bottom line is, a decision on your plumbing always falls on the shoulders of the homeowner. A good plumber will give the homeowner options and provide facts and figures so that the owner can make an educated decision. A home or property owner should never let the plumber decide what’s best for your plumbing.

A Good Plumber Will Provide You With Choices

Here is a good example. Your home has recently experienced more than one pipe leak. They were a month apart, and your water pressure is lower than usual. Your plumber may ask how old your house is, or has it been repiped before? If your home is 40 years old or older with the pipes leaking and low water pressure, chances are you may need your pipes replaced. In this case, your plumber will fix the current problem and give you an estimate for the home pipe replacement. Whatever it costs to make the leak repair is usually taken off the cost of the repipe if you choose to have your home repiped.

Repair It Or Replace It?

Another example is a water heater repair. A good plumber will always look at the age of the water heater and check to see if it’s still under warranty. Knowing the age of the heater is essential because the homeowner may not want to repair it even if it’s a viable option. Repairing old water heaters that are more than ten years old may not be the best option, but that decision will be left to the homeowner. In most instances, replacing an old water heater is a better option since the latest energy-savings models can save up to 30% more energy over old models. All plumbing services that are completed under the direction of the homeowner. In most cases, an adequately trained plumber will give one, two, and sometimes three options so the home or property owner can make the appropriate decision based on their budget. Here are some more examples of plumbing options:

My Plumber Said I Should Replace My Water Heater

Do I use PEX Tubing for the home repipe or copper? Your plumber will show you the difference.

Should I snake a clogged sewer line or Hydro Jet the line? Of course, all these options have a lower and higher cost associated with them.

Do I replace my toilet or replace the parts? It would be best if you replaced a water-guzzling toilet but that is up to the homeowner to decide.

In some instances, there is only one repair option; but in most situations, there are plenty of choices. Make sure your plumber gives you all your choices and never let your plumber decide what’s best for you.

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