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A Bidet Vs Toilet Paper

It’s hard to think that anything good could come out of this time we are in right now. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken a toll on many families financially and mentally. I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime. We need to take away some positives. One of the larger churches in San Diego that provides food, lunches, and other items to the community said that they had more volunteers than people with a need. Volunteers are dropping off food and goods all over the counties.

We See Huge Demands For Toilet Paper

We’ve all experienced walking into our local grocery store only to see many of our paper goods, canned foods, and frozen items missing from the shelves. For some reason, the most significant demand is toilet paper, it ‘s harder to find than gold. I’m not mad at the people. The fact is, we’ve never been through anything like this, and people are in fear. I think most would agree, why toilet paper? I would have never guessed that there would be a shortage and quest for toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Vs. Bidet


Using A Bidet Is Good For Your Health, Plumbing, And Environment

We’ve all experienced the desire to make some changes, but instead kept procrastinating. That thing for me is a bidet. I’ve always wanted one because I know how good they are for my plumbing, health, and the environment. But like creating any good habit, it takes work. There are also some misnomers that you need to get over regarding using towels versus toilet paper. Another mountain you may need to climb is getting the whole family on board.

Let’s Compare A Bidet Vs Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is destructive to the environment. Americans makeup 4% of the world population but use more than 20% of global tissue consumption. According to The Guardian, 28 million acres of Canada boreal forest have been cut down since 1996. Brands such as Charmin Ultra Soft, Kirkland Signature, and Angel Soft all contain little or no recycled material in their toilet paper and rely on the forest to provide for their toilet paper. A bidet uses no paper for flushing, saving approximately 100 pounds of toilet paper per person a year.

A Bidet Uses A Powerful Stream Of Water

Wiping with toilet paper is unsanitary and does not thoroughly clean your bottom. For most of us, we’ve used toilet paper without a second thought, never really considering any alternative. Without water, it’s virtually impossible to remove everything left over after going to the bathroom. In some cases, your underwear can prove that. A bidet uses a powerful stream of water to remove any waste from your behind. Then a soft towel is used to pat dry, then dropped into a covered container and laundered.

New Bidets Are Affordable For All

Bidets are no longer an expensive fixture installed next to your toilet. Many makers such as Kohler and TOTO have revolutionized the way bidets are manufactured by incorporating underside-cleaning appliances into the toilet seat. Producing the product this way makes it easy for everyone to afford it.


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