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The Truth About Plumbers

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We’ve heard the jokes and stories about plumbers. Someone will have a bad experience with a plumber and pass that experience on to a friend or neighbor. Before you know it, the story went viral, and every plumber is a suspect. While we can’t vouch for every plumber, we can say that the vast majority are hardworking, trustworthy, gifted, and smart individuals. Unfortunately, with all trades, you will have those few that ruin it for others. Something to keep in mind when dealing with plumbers or tradespeople, most of these are individuals who have chosen this trade over college. Some are putting in the required time with an eye on getting their contractor’s license. 

A plumber must have at least four years of professional experience during the last ten years. And they must also pass the California State License Board (CSLB) exam. People attending college may be a little more polished because they spend most of their time in a college environment. Tradespeople are in an environment that’s more construction-driven. Let’s dive into some of the stereotypes given to plumbers. 

Don’t Criticize Your Plumber!

Plumbers get criticized for being unprofessional and dirty. However, if you hire a plumbing company and the plumber they send to your home is not well-groomed with a clean company shirt and pants, then you hired the wrong company. Your plumber must be knowledgeable and possess good manners as well. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have training every Monday morning to discuss how to better our company, and our plumbers know they must have excellent hygiene and good communication skills. All our plumbers are issued clean uniforms regularly and will show up ready to perform. 

Seventeen Trucks Get Stocked And Organized Daily

Often plumbers are criticized for being messy and unorganized. While that may be true of a small minority, all our plumbers are very organized. Their work trucks get stocked and organized daily for efficiency by a warehouse manager. At Big B’s Plumbing, we train our plumbers to be clean and organized on and off the job. When they leave a job site, everything must be cleaner than when they arrived. 

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How Can I Trust A Complete Stranger In My Home?

Your plumbing company should run a criminal and sex offender background check as well as a drug test on anyone entering your home. At Big B’s Plumbing, we think that we give our customers an extra level of protection. We’ve hired a third-party company called to run background checks on all plumber and anyone that handles a credit card. They’re issued a photo ID badge with a QR Code that allows any homeowner to verify their information. It’s easy for a plumbing company to say they run background checks, but it’s another thing to prove that it’s been completed. 

The Truth About Plumbers, And What It Takes To Become One

The biggest complaint is plumbers charge too much. Most people don’t know what is required to become a plumbing contractor. Additionally, they don’t know what’s needed to sustain a plumbing business. For example, to become a plumbing contractor, you must serve under a contractor for four years, attend school, and pass demanding tests. It’s similar to getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. To own a plumbing company with employees, you must have insurance, a bond, and workers’ compensation. Furthermore, you’ll need thousands of dollars in equipment. If you feel you’re being charged too much for your plumbing job, then it’s good to get a second estimate. 

When Someone Says Plumbers Charge Too Much, Think Again

At Big B’s Plumbing, we pay our plumber excellent wages, offer health benefits to all our staff and give back to our community. In addition, all our plumbers get equipped with the latest plumbing equipment, and they’re trained in the newest plumbing techniques. We’re also certified by many manufacturers to install their equipment. When someone says that my plumber charges too much, think again. We are not the cheapest plumbing company at Big B’s Plumbing, and we’re not the most expensive. Our plumbers have accounted for over one thousand top-notch reviews and are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. 

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  1. It was interesting when you mentioned that it is important to attend school when you are wanting to become a plumber. I would imagine that school would teach you what kind of tools and methods should be used for plumbing. People are going to be more comfortable with hiring plumbers that attended a school.

  2. As mentioned in this article, I found it interesting that the biggest complaint is plumbers charge too much. Most people don’t know what is required to become a plumbing contractor. We have had plumbing problems for almost a week now, and we don’t know where to find the right plumbing services in the area. This article gives us all the information we need.

  3. It was very relieving for me when you said that companies are obligated to run a background check before they hire professional plumbers. My house is fairly new, and some of the systems here are not functioning. One of them is the hot water system, so I’ll definitely hire the best plumbers in town who can work with this.

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