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Is A Bidet The Right Fit For Your Family?

Old habits are hard to break, and that includes using toilet paper. For years I wanted a bidet because I heard they were suitable for the environment and much more hygienic. When Covid-19 hit, I saw how us Americans we’re obsessed with toilet paper. To my surprise, grocery store shelves were cleared of toilet paper in a matter of hours. Costco and other stores rationed their toilet paper, only allowing one pack per customer. Their stock lasted a couple of hours, at most. It was crazy, to say the least. I’m almost 60 years old and never have experienced anything like this before, but the run for toilet paper still blows my mind. We have close friends that actually counted their rolls and had 59 rolls for a family of two and were still concerned about running out. The USA is 4.25 percent of the world’s population, but we use 20 percent of the world’s toilet paper. The fact is, the US has an obsession with toilet paper.

Use Your Bidet For Ten Days, And You’ll Never Go Back

The timing was right. The virus forced me into getting a bidet, better late than never. I’ve had it for about a month, and I used toilet paper only once since only because I was using someone else’s toilet. To my surprise, the one time I used toilet paper, I did not feel ‘clean’ after using my bidet for a month. I use soft bamboo towels that are perfect for drying off. It took about a week to get the hang of it, and it was very awkward in the beginning. My only regret is that I did not install it sooner. For those that might get grossed out over towels, remember you are drying after you have cleaned yourself. You might, at most, experience a slight mark on your towel on occasion. Compared to wiping with toilet paper and sitting in it most of the day. There are even some bidet models that have a dryer built-in and in that case, you don’t even have to worry about the towels or TP afterward.

My Bidet

The Demand For Bidets Are growing

My bidet cost just over 120 dollars, and I installed it myself. Some bidets cost much less, while others can run into the thousands. Toto is one of the most significant brands in the bidet market and located in Japan. Since 1980 the company has sold more than 40 million bidets, and the demand is growing. Once thought of something for the elite, they are now affordable for all incomes.

Bidet Towels

Educate, Review, Shop, And Purchase

For most, it’s a simple install attaching itself to the bowl. All manufactures have simple installation instructions as well as online video instructions. For many of us, we can remember when a bidet was a separate ceramic unit with which we rarely ever came in contact. Now you can buy a toilet with a built-in bidet. These types of bidets should be installed by a plumbing professional. The best way to start your bidet experience is to educate yourself, review the product, shop, and purchase.

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