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Making A Wise Plumbing Purchase

Isn’t it fun to dream? You walk around your home and think about the new things you could add here and there to make your home just that much more beautiful. I don’t think money grows on trees, but if I buy something for my home, I want to stay within a budget while making the best purchase, especially if I’m going to be using the appliance or fixture for years to come. For example, when my garbage disposal went out, I upgraded to the Evolution Compact 3/4 HP continuous feed garbage disposal. The cost was just under $250, and it runs better than any disposal I ever had in the past. I could have spent $100 and got a mediocre appliance. Not only that, when you open my cabinet, it looks like a high-end appliance. Appliances and fixtures such as toilets, water heaters, sinks, faucets, and showerheads should be well thought out for their function, as well as design before you make a wise plumbing purchase.

A Wise Toilet Purchase Could Cost Less Than $300

Before you run down to the local home center and make an impulsive purchase, consider taking a few minutes to research the appliance or fixture. When purchasing a new toilet, consider all your options:

  • Dual flush or single flush?
  • Oval or elongated toilet?
  • One-piece or two-piece toilet?
  • Is it ergonomically correct for me?
  • Did it earn the WaterSense label?
  • Do you want a bidet built into my toilet?

These are all questions you’ll want to ask yourself before purchasing a toilet and don’t forget to sit on it before you buy it. Your toilet could be with you for many years, so don’t skimp on it. For under $300, you can purchase a beautiful toilet, and for a couple hundred more, you can experience some extra bells and whistles.

Plumbing Purchase - White Swiss Madison dual flush toilets

Buying The Right Water Heater Is A Wise Plumbing Purchase

Are you buying a new water heater? Just like any other product you may purchase, they are not all the same. Most storage-tank water heaters will last from ten to fifteen years. The ones purchased these days will use 20% less energy. Additionally, the water heaters that earn the EnergyStar label can use as much as 8% less energy compared to a standard model. Those few extra steps to educate yourself will always pay dividends.


Learn more about buying the right water heater. If the company you are purchasing from does not ask the following questions, you’re at the wrong place.

  • How many people in your home?
  • What is the peak time for showering washing clothes and running the dishwasher?
  • How many people are in your home?
  • Do I want a tankless heater or a standard storage tank heater?
  • Do I have a jacuzzi tub? How much water does it use?
  • Was the product awarded the EnergyStar label?

Makers of tankless water heaters claim that the product will pay for itself over its lifetime, from the saving incurred to the energy costs.

Plumbing Purchase - Murrieta Water Heater

Using A Low Flow Shower Head Is No Compromise

A wise plumbing purchase doesn’t stop there. Bathroom showerheads and faucets also need research to support a wise decision. The average showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM). High-efficiency showerheads use 1.5 to 2.0 GPM and can save a consumer as much as $200 a year in water costs. Unlike past years, a low flow showerhead meant giving up on the pleasures of a nice shower. That’s not the case any longer with the latest technologies in showerheads; most users don’t even notice the difference.

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